Club Championships 2018


At least he’ll Nathan Mullins there to ease the transition.


The Graigue Ultra’s struck in the dead of night last night ahead of tonights Laois SFC Quarter Final


Happened to our dear neighbours a few years ago when they had a car painted out in the club colours and messages on it and some local scumbags painted their own messages as well as dicks all over it, just to reinforce their mental age. @count_of_monte_crist


Fuck me, you’d want to be a despicable cunt to be from such a club.


When are Eir Sport going to start showing some club games?


Shame some cunts bring a club down…

After that k think we went on to win 4 county titles


just the incentive you guys needed to be called out on being bottle bastards. did ye a favour sure. And the pictures of dicks too.




There was an incident in Kerry a few years back where a car painted like that was burnt out :smiley:


What club is this ?


St James’ Ramsgrange, also know as the Jimmies. The instigators were some clowns from neighbouring Fethard. St James’ were intermediate at the time and had lost a few finals and semi finals at that level. They won the year after and then went up to senior and won that too in their first year up.


Yes indeed. It was the tearing up if the pitch we could have done without


forgot about that. That was the same night was it? didnt see what damage that did. sure ye were done for the year anyway…


It was the same night, we were still in the hurling championship.


Don’t forget the Junior and Intermediate A Hurling championships…:wink:


Fantastic scenes at the end of the Strabane Stewartstown game tonight.



September is the greatest month of the year because it means Friday nights in watching 45 second long Twitter clips of mass brawls in the Tyrone championship.



I prefer the colour commentary from the stand in this one.


The ladies did a grand commentary .