Club Championships 2018


Yes Thurles will be rocking in February


I’ve been hearing great things about this Gweedore team and would have them slight favourites. Scotstown seem to be falling over the line game after game and you’d have to wonder when the luck will run out.


The question I have is where were gweedore when mcgees x2 and Cassidy were in their prime?




And he did.


Fair play to ballygunner, a smashing battling performance and a great speech from their captain at the end.


Fair play to him, I’d expect nothing less from the best hurler in the land.



Shamrocks scored 5-20 from play in a 60 minute match, in winter.


Colm Basquiel made some mockery of stick stick yesterday


Watched the TG4 round up there. The goalkeeping was of the Camogie standard generally.


Great to see the Galway goalie tradition carrying on


By god Colin Fennelly was on fire. A beast of a man.

His 4th goal was a wee bit insulting


Dowling seems to have found that weight he mislaid.


Scotstown arent all that. Gweedore will fancy their chances big time.


The markets agree. Gweedore open at 1/2. Probably a fair reflection of both panels.


What odds were gweedore against cross?





He took too many steps.