Club Championships 2018




William Maher taking over Cuala from Matttie Kenny.

Big boots to fill


Give them their full name, the Ross Munnelly coached South Africa Gaels


good appointment I reckon


he was the real YHOTY




Cunt walked out on Derek McGrath when the going got tough in year 1.


Woeful peno from that bogger from Portlaoise there.




A man of questionable moral fortitude, it couldn’t have happened to a bigger prick.


Woolberto would have smashed that.


It’s been a busy week for Wooly, he’s enough smashed.


So are you glad they lost?


No, Malachy is a lovely fella and I’d love to see him achieve as a manager.

But that other prick can choke on his own tears this evening.


What aged man is Malachy? Is he related to Peter the knacky corner forward from about 10/15 years ago?


37 or so. And yes, older brother.


Naomh Eanna Glengormley won the Ulster Intermediate Football championship yesterday.

They and their club members suffered countless attacks down through the years. I remember the murder of Gerry Devlin at the club around the time the LVF was targeting GAA members such as Sean Brown in Bellaghy.

Just dug our this article. Words of Gerry Devlin’s brother ring true. Unbelievable stuff. :clap:


Yeah. They deserve all the success they get. The area they’re based in isn’t the most welcoming for Taigs. 5 club members\players murdered over the years.


I see Limavady won the Derry Intermediate Championship this year along with Coleraine winning senior and Lisburn made the Armagh Junior final.

The times are a changin.


Think it was the junior championship Limavady won. Good to see Coleraine doing well too given the area they have to work in and offering hurling and camogie as well as football, though that’s not their first senior championship