Club Championships 2018


Coleraine must have one of the biggest catchment areas for a GAA club in Ireland but I’d hazard a guess that 3/4 of that catchment area would be of the bowler hat variety.


I’d put it a lot higher than that!


That is a fine bit of reading. There must be some real potential to get a strong football and hurling side from Antrim in the next 10 years if a few quid is put into it.


Antrim don’t even have a county ground! The Casement Park saga is something else altogether. A complete fiasco! Anthony Daly on the hurling management team and it would be great to see them start improving. Some very fine young hurlers coming through Dunloy for example and in Belfast St John’s seem to be on the up. Think they need to concentrate on the club scene to strengthen it for a few years before worrying oo much about county.


Dirty day in Omagh


Terrible conditions here, ball just dead on the ground when it hits it.


Christ it’s awful shite top though…th3 Donegal lads looking more likely off the two imo.ref is poor


Still and all it has been a decent game considering the conditions.


Fucking ref


Super call from the ref in the circumstances




Over all…his call at the end was right…




I’m unsure as to whether Rory Beggan is a help or a hindrance. Either way he’s a goalkeeper of dubious merit. He’s actually a bit of a Cunt.


I love you too hun


Another good call by ref .


Gweedore no.7 is a cracking player


K Hughes should be off


Big moment now .


Poor miss from him…legs are tired I guess