Club Championships 2018


Oranmore , over the bay from you , won and are in all Ireland final v Charleville . A game well worth seeing .


Is that on today?


Ya they won semi today v st gall’s .


Fucks sake Flatty…It’s 4 pm. You only getting up now and the day done… Grrrrrr.


Nogra-lite in the all ireland and Nogra east poised to join them. If charleville do their homework there isn’t too much planning to be done to stop maree oran


Was up and out on the bike at 7am boxty. Few jobs then. Only getting settled now.


Charleville will destroy them

Club Championships 2019

Gone from shouting for limerick to beat galway to now backing a cork club. What has happened to tipp, are there any men with a bit of self worth left


Thinking someone will win a game is not shouting for them. Intermediate in Galway is terrible as you would presumably know. Tipp’s is not much better considering its usually the 33rd best team in Tipp that competes in it whereas it’s the 13th best team in Kilkenny for example. Not sure about Cork but I think Galway has a senior B as well so similar situation to Tipp


24th best team in galway id make it. What is it in cork


There’ll be a few posters out for your blood after that one


I know that feeling


26 senior teams in Cork but 7 of those are divisions/colleges so the 20th best club in Cork I’d make it


Whats the newtown angle with them that i saw a poster referring to


One of the O Connors is over them I think. Not sure other than that


Thought from this there was more to it, maybe not so. I haven’t seen charleville but ive seen oranmore twice and ill be watching the spread with interest


Ben is their manager. I’m not 100% certain but I think another brother transferred also.


Yes . A brother playing too .


They won’t destroy them .


Hurlers produced in Galways intermediate championship in the last few years include; Cathal Mannion, Padraic Mannion, Geroid Mc, Niall Burke, Colm Callanan, James Skehill, Conor Whelan & John Hanbury. Not bad!