Club Championships 2018


They’ll win by 7+ I think


Individual players doesn’t mean a team is good. Ahascragh drew with Ballyhaunis and got beat handy by Carrickshock with two of the best hurlers in the country


Yeah and Thurles Sarsfield can’t win an AI club. Are they a bad team. Is the Tipp senior club championship shit?


They’re not a bad team but they do have big weaknesses which are shown up by better teams outside Tipp and in Tipp last year

The Tipp championship is fairly poor, yes


If Darragh Fitzgibbon is injured I’d say Charleville will be in trouble


A Newtown man leading charleville to an all ireland is like Steven Gerrard leading man utd to a champions league title. Going to be a sore one for a lot of people in Newtown. Some mess theyve gotten themselves in to.


What happened, what civil war?


Big falling out, hence ben training charleville. If they meet senior championship, the crowd would wipe out the county boards debt.


Can someone provide a bit more background on the Newtown civil war? I assume it must have happened around 2012/2013?

Newtown haven’t exactly fallen apart like. They were unlucky last year against midleton and have always remained competitive


Its only intermediate and Newtown are still senior


It’s not. It’s like some lad from up the road taking over a team in a small town where he probably went to school and socializes, in an amateur sport.


Stephen Gerrard has gone up the road for an amateur sport .


The people of Liverpool must be outraged


Always are kid .


Cork people are gas.

“War”, when the war was on the cunts did fucking nothing.

Relax lads, its only a bit of sport.



Oh dear!


To be fair Charleville pissed on their own chips .


The same could be said of Cork in last years AI semi. That doesn’t make Limerick a shit team or the Limerick hurling championship shit. It still takes a good team to capitalise on others failings.


I never said any team were shit in the context of this game . I felt it would be a contest but had a wee inkling for Charleville

Crass indiscipline did for Charleville . Cork’s defeat had nothing to do with indiscipline .