Club Championships 2018


But someone else did and I was responding to them.


There are more ways than one to fuck up.


Charleville’s Darragh Fitzgibbon jumping up and down and getting in the face of Richie English when he pointed to put them 6 points up against Limerick is not how winning gets done. They are of unsound character


Well they are from Cork after all.


The GAA meeja love Cork and are always giving it loads the old “Yerra, isn’t it great that Cork are back” twee bullshit.

To the rest of us, Cork is full of cunts and we delight in their misery and continuing famine


It’s shocking, the pick they have in Football and Hurling the state they are in.

Kerry have them ruined


They deserve everything they get since the treatment that was given to Gerald Mccarthy by the strikers and the Cork public


Charleville just didn’t have enough Carkness to get themselves over the line.


Natural Carkness.

They overcompensate the carkness because the people of Cark have abandoned them


A couple of wanks on lufthansa should fix that


Correct. 45 years of limerickness creeping over the ditch is hard to wash off


In 15 years of the intermediate club championship, it has been won by a Galway team for the first time. In that same period, considering the bye they should get by getting to an All Ireland semi final, Galway teams have been beaten in the final by teams from London, Westmeath and Kilkenny numerous times. They were knocked out by a Mayo team last year in Connacht and another London side in a semi final a couple of years back.

Galway clubs in the intermediate and junior championships have been brutal. No Galway team has ever got to a Junior final. Didnt see any betting odds, but based on previous history, Charleville were probably over whelming favourites. Hardly an outlandish prediction that they would win handy. All form lines suggested they would do. Fair play to Oranmore for bucking the trend.


The senior champions of both places, the 25th best team in Galway making oranmores achievement all the more remarkable.

Galway don’t send the junior A champions, they send the junior 1 champions, which is basically the best team of junior only clubs, in reality football clubs hurling teams as every hurling club is senior or intermediate in Galway, they’res 36 teams in either of those grades. The actual junior a championship is very strong, and would be of a far higher standard than the wexford senior championship for example

To further discredit your terrible argument, in the junior b all Ireland club championship, which kileedy in Limerick host but which all Galway junior b teams are eligible for, galway have three wins in its lifetime, joint topmof the roll of honour with tipp and Kilkenny. Wexford, of course, have none


Aye, its hard to read across counties from the Junior and Intermediates given the disaparities which exist between numbers in championships. Kerry have what, 8 senior clubs? The Junior and Intermediate sides coming out would be a grade up in other counties.

Either way, the Junior and Intermediate All Irelands are great, and a credit to Sean Kelly for promoting them at the time. AIB do good work promoting them now too.


Doesn’t every county do that? Second teams aren’t allowed compete in provincial and All Ireland competitions I thought?


Exactly but you are into the 37th + best club in Galway at that stage, as there are so many senior and intermediate


Would that be the same as Gort and Clare-ness?


Didn’t a Wexford team win that Junior B thing yesterday or Saturday, pal?


Rush over and update wikipedia. Is the first wexford all Ireland’s in any grade since 96


they did. Leave him off though. For some reason he got all pissy because facts show Galway teams do shit in the intermediate championship. They won their first at the weekend in a tournament dominated by Cork and particularly Kilkenny teams.

Wexford teams have been shite, but thats beside the point. It has to be personal and attack the other county on here once you make any sort of point