Club Championships 2018


Yeah well you’d need a streamlined amount of teams per senior, intermediate, junior, etc. across all counties for it to properly work. The hurling works alright in fairness but the situation in Kerry fucks up the intermediate and junior in football for everyone really


What personal attack? Do you need a Kleenex?

Kilkennys 13th best team has a better record in a championship than galways 24th or 25th. You have me there alright.

Is there a homecoming organised for wexfords first trophy in 23 years?


Correct, second teams or amalgamations are not allowed enter.

Clare is similar to Galway in the fact that the junior championship is pretty much consisting of second or third teams from strong hurling clubs and and three or four rural areas like Killenana, Ogonnolloe, Bodyke or places back west like Enistymon. There would be 8 or 10 second teams who would be far better than them.

This is why Cork due to the huge amount of adult first teams at junior level and Kilkenny due to their relatively small amount of senior and intermediate sides have dominated at junior level.


Exactly. But the poor wexford lad tried hard to take a swipe at Galway hurling and mugged himself off completely doing so. Did you hear hey won a junior b all Ireland though. The half a million plus on Davy is already bearing fruit


Wexford or their all irelands or lack of them have absolute zero relevance to Galways performance in the club championships, you shoehorning them in because I am from there has absolutely no credence to any sort of defence of Galways club results.

I made no argument. I stated that Galway teams records in the club championship at intermediate and junior have been shit. Tell me what was to debate in that argument? I couldnt give a rattlers fuck as to why their results are shit, it just happens to be that way.


more windmilling. good lad


Well no he was saying that the intermediate championship in Galway is historically pretty poor which he backed up with facts and which was my original point also.


Relax please @maroonandwhite. I’d say @buffegan was relieved to lose you at the top of O’Connell Street yesterday.


Joint top in the junior b roll of honour, and you can’t pretend that means nothing as it’s wexfords finest hour in two decades, intermediate champions despite being at a huge disadvantage to Kilkenny. If the 13th best club in Galways senior championship entered they would probably win the intermediate most years. It’s am impossible comparison to make as it’s not level playing field, but you still think you can definitively say Galway clubs have been shit. Take your beating


Kilkenny has a population of under 100k in the county
Galway has a population of close to 250k in the county


Are you drunk, both those figures are completely wrong

Editing like mad I see. I don’t really want to engage in an argument with you, you are very tedious. Sure put up one post and I’ll respond, take your time now and formulate your argument


sorry, they were cities. it’s worse with counties


Most of Galway is football in fairness


Let him walk himself into it


A man with an online punditry profile you could only dream of


Is it not a split between North /South?


It’s average enough, there’s too many senior teams. But they have got to a few all Ireland’s and now won one, in comparison to intermediate teams from tipp, Clare, Offaly, Dublin, wexford, waterford, Limerick for example I don’t think it’s behind any of them. So really that poor?


When you were funking it on the dole in renmore for a few months did you learn anything of the place?


Galway clubs won their first intermediate at the weekend and have never been in a junior final. Sure thats great so. And still bringing Wexford into it. Keep on windmilling.


They basically only have to beat the best team in Mayo in order to get to an All Ireland semi. Massive advantage over the Munster teams