Club Championships 2018


Kilkenny isn’t a city.


Ah lads this is brilliant. Galway intermediate clubs have lost 6 out of seven finals since 2005. Seems the tog filling permeates down from the very top


Yes - It’s a shithole with 1 main street full of alcoholics and crusties.


jaysus. every day is a school day. thanks


Except it’s the 25th best team in Galway which balances that out a lot. Tried to go into leinster with all club sides but no dice. It’s an impossible argument to make with the number Andy standard of clubs, but at least I’ve proven @gman wrong


you stupid cunt. You’ve proved me wrong, telling @the_man_himself who made the point in the first place.

I’m not debating the numbers or quality, I’m debating the results of past championships that show Galway clubs have poor records in the AI intermediate and junior clubs championships. But you’ve proved me wrong by saying what?


Are you reading these posts, no?

Between senior intermediate and junior A there’s I’d guess at least 40 teams better than ballygar in Galway. Are there 40 teams better than dunamaggin in Kilkenny? Nope so it’s a braindead comparison.

Galway are the intermediate champions, and have got to 6 previous finals in 14 years. Nothing special but a far way ahead of most counties. Did you come on and say wexford clubs are shit at inter and junior, Limerick ones, Clare ones Dublin ones are? Nope, they are all worse than Galway going by the records but you had to sound off that Galway are shit. On the average they are not really.


are there 40 clubs in Kilkenny?


How many intermediate teams are in Kilkenny out of interest?




for fuck sake. Will you go back and read the post this was in response to. Do I need to ladybird it for you? Why the fuck would I come on and say Wexford clubs have been shit when they arent even anywhere in the discussion?

Seriously, just go back to @the_man_himself first comment and the gloating after it as if he got it all wrong. Charleville were, I assume, big favourites going by previous history. Thats it, no more, no less. There was a reason why it wasnt expected Oranmore would win. No more so than if a Wexford team got to the final they would be huge underdogs and expected to be hammered. Their history is shit so wouldnt be expected to win.

The numbers Galway play in senior or intermediate or whatever also have no relevance. If Galway want to play 12 in senior then let them, they’d have better records in intermediate then. If they put in their best junior teams, then same applies. Neither though, has any relevance to their history in club all irelands. It explains it, but it doesnt change facts.


So you have the same number that’s just senior in Galway, the kk inter champions are basically an average senior club in Galway. No wonder they win it regularly


Most years the football finals are very competitive to be fair, with the exception of Saturdays junior final and 2011 with Caherciveen. Caherciveen won the intermediate All-Ireland 5 years after the junior, they should never have been junior but not much can be done about it. Beaufort are unlikely to do much at intermediate, Easkey just didn’t get started at all Saturday.
2012 junior hurling All-Ireland was unusual as both Ballyragget and Charleville have gone on to lose the intermediate final, I don’t think any other teams to play in the junior final have ever made the intermediate. Looking at yesterday’s games the difference in standard is huge between the 2 levels.


FAO @maroonandwhite

@Gman is not having a dig at the quality of Galway hurling. He is saying what I was saying. That based on all past evidence you would have expected Charleville to win easily. The point about the number of teams is very relevant but @Gman is not disputing this


They were 4/6 iirc so not massive favourites and beating the kk winner s in the semi was always going to make them so.

If your original point was galways record at intermediate and junior in comparison to Kilkenny is shit, then it clearly is, and my posts have explained why. But you seemed to suggest its poor in general, when despite the clubs issue, in comparison with other counties, it really isn’t. Is that ladybirded enough for you? It was a rash nonsensical statement that you seem to have realised and can grow and learn from


Uh huh


Its relevant to the strength of Galway hurling as a whole. It is not relevant in the context of just looking at the quality of the Galway intermediate championship which is what we were both doing


can you please point me to that statement please.


If you win the Galway club intermediate you will invariably win the Connacht club intermediate in hurling. Because of the relative weakness of hurling in the province.

@maroonandwhite - the lack of any real provincial matches means that Galway clubs will get through to the AI series, skewing numbers.

The real issue here is that makey-uppy grades like Premier Intermediate and Senior B aren’t an issue in Kilkenny as there are so few clubs so teams actually play to their grade


I think its pretty clear what the point was being said, for some reason @maroonandwhite put on the G-G-G-G-Galway superfan jersey and took all criticism of their record in the AI club series as an affront to Galway hurling and started bringing a Wexford club winning junior B into the debate.