Club Championships 2018


Tooreen from Mayo won it last year. Ballyhaunis brought Ahascragh to a replay the year before. It is a massive advantage though, yes


@maroonandwhite is aggressively refuting an argument nobody made. The very best of TFK on show here.


to be fair Galway have won the most Senior Hurling All Irelands by county. Again, this is because the winners of Galway don’t have to worry about getting through a provincial championship.


He a veddy, veddy angry man. He no happy unless he fight.


There is that, but it also a very competitive and quality depth championship. They may not have won as many AI titles coming through another province, but they would be at the top end of it.


They are in the shadow of the big dogs over the road. In both directions.


Does Charleville border Kilmallock or does effin block that ??


Ballyhea & NTS ??


42 but at least 2 of those are football only and have corresponding hurling clubs. Muckalee and Kilmoganny are football only and the corresponding hurling clubs are St. Martins and Dunnamaggin.


Fortunately blocked by Effin. Kind of a disinfectant barrier.


Even Bruree have won more than Charleville.


So your ‘argument’ was that galway have never won a junior club and have a poor record in intermediate. Thats not really an argument more a statement of the obvious. You didn’t want any discussion or debate or reasoning why that is? Just a few likes and silent nods?

I made a similarly factual statement about wexford hurling and you got very emotional.

You’re entire hypothesis, if i can call it that was that it was a shock to see big underdogs oranmore win. You’ve referenced this a few times. But there was a two point handicap and charleville were slight, not strong favourites. Natural after beating the kk champions in the semi.

Who’s really wrong here is @the_man_himself, he didn’t say ‘going by the history of galway clubs in the intermediate all Irelands, and ignoring that bias, youd have to fancy charleville’ . He actually said’ charleville will destroy them’ having never seen oranmore and id wager charleville play. Pro munster bias? Anti galway jealousy (yes)? Either way i hope he doesn’t rush to judgement as quickly when he’s washing cars in the tipperary town service centre


To be honest I think they will be a good senior team for a while . Very young .


100 posts of absolute nonsense and poor @Rocko struggling to pay for the memory card to keep up with ye.


Was told they had to win yesterday to go straight into the cork senior championship, to further brighten yere day


Harsh on gman. He just backed the wrong horse


No so . I have no quarrel with Charleville as I have no contact with the place as such .


Why does every comment have to be part of some county rivalry with you? Its very weird


What made you think charleville would destroy, not just beat, destroy, oranmore? In a game where they were 2 point favourites in the bookies. County rivalry?


Because I’ve seen Galway intermediate hurling games and the standard was shocking