Club Championships 2018


Fake news


Possibly. Depends how many decent teams they have underage.


Finals or just bog standard games, when did you see them. You are trying to weasel your way out here


How am I trying to weasel out of it? I’ve seen county semi finals and Connacht intermediate finals in recent years


So you are just a terrible pundit. Lucky you aren’t on betfair. Fair enough.


The facts back me up and show that the Galway intermediate championship is terrible. This year is an aberration


7 all ireland finalists in 14 years is terrible? List the counties with better ones, kk, cork… any more?


Ridiculous unfair advantage over other teams. Some years the Galway team only has to beat a Mayo team followed by an Ulster team to get to the All Ireland




So youve gone completely from saying its terrible, as theres no way you can make that argument, and are now talking about unfair advantages. Which galway can’t do anything about really, tried to go into leinster but wexford were too frightened.

Funny in senior, if you are to take performance on the level playing field of semis and finals, the galway senior championship has proven to be way harder to win than the munster club since 2000. Why do the ridiculously weak munster and ulster clubs get a bye straight into the semis, they dont deserve it


Still waiting for an answer here


No its still terrible. One swallow doesn’t make a summer. How is it not an unfair advantage to only have to beat two teams from non hurling counties to get to an All Ireland Final?


Flesh that out a bit there




The galway champions have been far more successful than the munster champions on the level playing field of semis and all irelands. Thats not complicated.


Not a level playing field. The Munster team had to win their county championship and the provincial championship to get that far


Not as strong as cork and kk (and ive already proven why in kks case) but its terrible compared to what other counties exactly? Its terrible in comparison to what??


All of the other hurling counties


Terrible comprehension again by you. The munster champions, im treating them as one entity here, even though they are the pick of five hurling counties, enter the all ireland series on a level playing field, same rest time (months) same draw as the 4 Provincial winners evenly can draw each other, yet the galway champions fully out perform them.

Im not interested how they got there, irrelevant. im interested in what they do when they get there.


Oh ok so wexford, limerick, clare, offaly, dublin, waterford, all of whom have never had a finalist or winner of the intermediate championship, have better championship than galway who have a winner and six finalists. Riiiiight.