Club Championships 2018


If all of those counties had the same advantage as Galway they’d have winners too


Actually I didn’t read that last post right. Offaly :laughing:


What exactly is your point here and what relevance does it have to the discussion at hand?


Well no, as galway teams have regularly beaten munster and Leinster champions in intermediate to get to finals. Teams from those counties have never won the munster or leinster championship. And another terrible argument holed below the water.

All you can hide behind is the imaginary unfair advantage argument. No doubt you whinged ot for years about our seniors. And what has happened in the senior, since we got a somewhat level playing field, our best era ever almost, perennial finalists and semi finalists. Unfair advantage was actually holding us back.


The galway championship is harder to win than munster. Ive now proven it so you pretend you dont follow. Try keep up.


Why are you talking about that when the discussion is about the intermediate grade?


The stupidity of this post when discussing the results of the all ireland series has to be saved im afraid


You’re basically arguing that if say Tipp got thrown straight into an All Ireland semi in 2019 they would have no advantage over the other teams


Jesus keep up. I of course am saying that, and im saying it because it has been proven that with a provincial championship to hone the team, galway have been far more successful than when they were thrown straight into the semis. It ahas been proven, lets see you totally misunderstand that now…


You really could have saved Rocko a huge amount of storage space if you actually read what was written instead of rushing in all guns blazing getting all upset about your beloved Galway intermediate championship

Again, with your usual debating logic of having to reference the county of the poster you write to, if you want to discuss Wexford club performances, work awaw. It would be a very short discussion however as wexford has probably the worst record of any county participating. I’m not sure how you think you upset me by saying they’ve a shit record, but I’m sure you’re right as you always are


So your argument was stating the obvious and wanting no further discussion. Ok.


How have Galway been more successful now than they were in the 80s?


Just to clarify for anyone unfortunate enough to be following this conversation, @maroonandwhite thinks its no advantage to get a bye to an All Ireland semi final every year


They were the best team in the country then and would have won more if tipp hadn’t relied on official help.

How is it that they are more successful now than in the 60s, 70s, 90s and 00s?


And thats been proven to be correct by galways performance since. And not refuted by you. Thanks.


I don’t think a team that wins two games can reliably be called the best in the country

They were obviously shite in the 60’s,70’s and 90’s and they didn’t get a bye to a semi final in the 00’s did they?


What happened when Galway came into Munster?


If you want discussion I could just start making up stuff and pretend you said it and randomly bringing unrelated stuff into the discussion for no reason. That sort of discussion?


So to turn your argument around as you are doing me a huge favour, why are they good now and competitive every year(when you think the advantage is gone?) And why were they no good for decades when as you say they had a huge advantage, ie they should have been winning?


What was your argument??