Club Championships 2018


He didn’t have an argument.

You’ve gone off on one for no reason.

Blaming officials again for Galways failure in the 80s.


Because they’re a good team now and they weren’t back then. They still have the unfair advantage of being in the Leinster championship as well


Be quiet village idiot i can only destroy so many at once


why does everything have to be an argument? I know its TFK and you have to be seen to be fighting to actually converse, but you have spent the afternoon arguing a point I never made.

@the_man_himself predicted Charelville would hammer Oranmore.


They have to play Kilkenny every year, way harder than anything in munster traditionally. Plus dublin are no pushovers. But after that, yeah. So ou now support the open draw? Galway have been crying out for it


You claim merit when Galway win anything, and blame officials when they fail, always.

You do a lot of blaming. Supporting the county that has lost more matches than any other must be difficult


Yep he made a complete show of himself. Thats done and dusted.

Ok, what was your point, the point of your original post


Kilkenny have been knocked out by teams from Munster the last 3 seasons


And the 8 previous to that? As long as galway have been in leinster


Galway best era is now according to you. This has coincided with Kilkenny’s decline


Galway got to all irelands in 12 and 15 when Kilkenny were not in decline, their rot only set in during 2016. I’ll again have to ask you, why are galway doing better without the big advantage, that you said has been taken away from them?


Great posting today lads.


Kilkenny were well in decline by 2015, Galway just bottled it. Galway are doing better because they now have the perhaps even greater advantage of being in the much weaker Leinster championship


So much in decline, they won the all ireland… But then you think that the galway intermediate championship is weaker than that of counties whos clubs have never played in a semi final or final, even when the galway clubs have beaten the leinster or munster champions, teams that couldn’t are actually stronger in your view.

So winning is a poor indicator of a teams ability according to you. Because you just know.

No mas, no mas boxe


As @myboyblue says : gas cunts


Sure they got to the AI Final in 2016 too, beating Galway in their best ever era along the way. Galway needed to be sure that Kilkenny were gone after Tipp dismatled them in 2016 before they started beating them


How did Charleville get on at the weekend, I’d say they hammered the Galway crowd?


Destroyed them, as predicted


Good stuff, that’ll drive @balbec mad


No idea how I will get over it.