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What about sliothars?

U20 football captain, Hugh O’Connor, called up and straight into the team.

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Barry Walsh starting full…

Shhhhlitthers don’t have GPS either. People are fair thick to believe it though.

The ONLY thing that the Smart Sliotar has is a microchip saying that it’s a conforming sliotar from the one supplier.

That’s what they want you to believe

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Just got confirmation the sliotar has been returned.


calling the cork lads. is he the first newmarket lad to play u20\21 hurling for Cork?

They had a lad on the U-21 panel a decade ago, dunno if he played. They’ve had a few handy hurlers recently.

Have they?

Donal Hannon played minor but I don’t think he played U21. O’Connor is a good hurler but he’d be a massive loss to the footballers.

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They’ve had three Cork underage players over the past decade.