Cork v Tipperary


Yes Joe, today we are Losers.


ye be back only messing bud



Their all going to harry wedding


Cheers pal.


I like those childish insults better coming from the KK, Clare, Galway & Cork lads. It always makes more sense coming from the lips/keyboard of a supporter who i can remember touching LIAM MCCARTHY in my lifetime.


545 replies and I’m the first to mention it…

Mushrooms bai,


Mushrooms or a one off?

You have to like Cork.


For what he has had to deal with its a great job to even get them back competitive


Had a huge bearing on a big moment in game. Harnedy saw it was Barry and i think watching live he said “i have this cunt, he brings me down and its 15 v 14, if not i’m thru”.
I think Barry also held back which was the correct thing to do at that point. No yellow though and he was fouling there.


Dunno mate, Lehane has always had that in him but it won’t happen every day, the new lads were unbelievable, we knew about Kingston obviously but they all stood up like giants, Fitzgibbon was outstanding, Horgan rolled back the years, Nash made some great stops and his play with ball in hand was up to his usual standards. Was it Ellis made that fantastic run at the end when he’d used his catches? one of the best of those I’ve seen at such a critical stage.
I was so fucking proud at the end, silly because it’s an accident of birth and I know none of those lads but they were fantastic, I was on my own in the living room and was pacing around and yelping when appropriate.
My daughters had a show earlier so I missed the first twenty minutes, otherwise I’d almost certainly have travelled with a couple of fellow Cork lads who live in Limerick, it would have been in expectation of a ten point defeat but you just never know.
Great stuff. :clap: :ronnyroar:


Nobody saw it coming
Nobody dared to say
That Tipperary would turn up
And lose to Cork today

History doesn’t repeat itself
But it echoes through the years
Tipp men drunk on arrogance
And too many winter beers

They only had to turn up
Or so they seemed to think
Cork were hiding in long grass
With a knowing nod and wink

Donkies don’t win derbies
But thoroughbreds, they run strong
Like Babs in 1990
Tipp judged the animal wrong

Remember all those years ago
A no hope Cork fifteen
Who ambushed Tipp at Semple
As ruthless as Dan Breen

Tipp never learn their lesson
Cork they thought, were shite
But they sprung up like the mushrooms
Appearing overnight

They didn’t know Mark Foley
And John Fitzgibbon too
But they soon would get to know them
’T’would no longer be “Mark Who?”

Now they know Mark Ellis
And Mark Coleman next his side
A new Fitzgibbon named Darragh
Knocked Tipp on their backside

Lee-Haan’s pace and shooting
Was always on the mark
While Darren Gleeson kept the goal
As if walking in the dark

The Rebels sent the Tipp men home
With a big mug filled with tea
Because Cork are Cork and Tipp are Tipp
And forever will it be


Tipps attitude was poor.

Tgey necer reacted to Corks puck outs and i think exposes a team.
They were cleaned out at half forward, so the FF line were reduced to average enough ball although mocement seemed average enough from tv.

Cork have serious forwards. They needed an approach that suited that and confidence with it. They seemed to have found both. When you put Maher et al under pressure on their own battles they are then in turn less use to the full back line. Full back play in both GAA sports in modern times is a mugs game without protection. Cahalane did a very reasonable job today because of the work rate ourside and the protection. Barry had neither.


Spot on Kev.

I was say that the Cork forward unit today was the quickest Tipp have encountered in a few years. They just couldn’t live with them in possession. Credit Kingston massively for getting the balance right today. Not alone did his half backs win most of the dropping ball but they also had the composure to feed their forwards with great ball.
I know you have been critical of the Cork fitness set up but they were supremely fit today & Tipp had no answer.

In saying that, Tipp had 2 clear cut goal chances in the first 5 minutes which they usually take and it would have been interesting to see how Cork would have reacted.


Brendan Maher was brutal throughout har.


Well done Cork. Great game to start off. Hopefully we won’t be looking back at this being the highlight of the championship in a few months


I was on my own in the living room and was pacing around and yelping when appropriate



Limerick v cork munsther final


Would you shut up.


Clare,Tipperary v Waterford, wexfort in the back door