Cork v Tipperary


@caulifloweredneanderthal WHERE ARE YOU HISSS


tip will be back and will win another All Ireland before 2029.


I was critical of the previous managements fitness set up and i certainly questioned a physio getting the job and its still wrong he had to learn on the job.

However he has turned around a number of things.
Lehane looks the right size fir himself, Horgan is definitely 3+KG lighter. Nash is at least 5KG lighter. He also sorted a few nagging injuries.
As has Pat Ryan in getting them hurling better and fighting for the ball. Cork have clearly brough in some battle element to training. That was neglected for years. They play an open game but you abdolutely have to be willing to fight and get skillful in the ruck, cos while it might be ugly irs still a skill.
They also deserve credit for flattening a few egos like Nash and Horgan to get more out of them.

Early days but fair play to them, Cork are very competitive again. Thats all you can ask for, for now. As i said all alobg any managemebt needs 2 years before you can really make any calls on suitability. People here know KK and i know many who do, preperation and application and a likeable character were necer going to be issues.
He was thrown some serious curve balls though and has done an excellent job this year in particular.


Clare will win one before they do again


Take a bow Frank Murphy . Today was fruition of his stewardship .


Waterford still in it though


Rewatching the game. Mark Coleman is sublime.


So basically you will criticise teams set ups and players until they have some success and then jump on the bandwagon.


A rolls Royce .


He was by a country mile the best player on the field v limerick 21s last year.


Lehane was outstanding today. Got some beautiful scores and some crucial ones. Ronan Maher’s stock plummeted over the course of that game.


Well beaten today. Cork deserving winners. Lehane was superb. Our fitness looks way off. Could be a short summer

Congrats to Cork posters @backinatracksuit @caoimhaoin @Turenne @ChocolateMice


Fuck off Joe. I had a dead battery (both in terms of my phone and my body).


Hard luck bud. @ChocolateMice a great cork man


He was excellent throughout…himself and Nash gave great ball into the forwards.

When you get the ball into your hand like Lehane and co did…then you’ve a great chance…particularly when Tipp were so flat.

They literally let Cork hurl…physically they weren’t at the races.


No i provide insight into why seemingly good hurlers can look so shit and disinterested within a team.

Attachment or support for a team is a 2 way thing. Its largely entertainment and escapism, nothing else.


Best game I’ve seen Lehane play. All day long he was at it instead of the usual brilliant 20 minutes + anonymity. Great performance from cork but all the recent failings of tipp came to the fore today.

Outfought - check
No heft up front - check
Lose nerve in a tight game - check

I would not like to be those players going into face Michael Ryan at their next training session.

Still the best team in the country, but it will be a hard road back for them now I reckon.


Patrick Horgan had a good game. There were very few scoring frees today .


Horgan wasn’t on the frees. Kingston told him he needed to up his work rate


Worked too.