Cork v Tipperary




Are you referring to Irish dancing ?


Cork are back. Great to see


Vindication for @mickee321. Only just watched it. I called this in my head too.


Myself and @TheUlteriorMotive called this months ago pal


Munster championship is now wide open. All 4 teams will really fancy their chances now. Should be three very well contested games.


Agreed. Waterford probably the form team left in it looking at lasts years championship & their setup may choke up all the space Cork got today too.

If Clare beat Limerick impressively then they are a good bet to be Munster Champions this year.


Only saw the last 25 minutes of the match but the work rate of the Tipp forwards seemed non existent. Time after time Cork backs were able to drive out of defence and pick a pass with ease.


They were pathetic. Hard to know what has happened to them.


Not even trying Steven O’Brien as an option to catch a puck out in the second half was bizarre by management.


just back home
it was like 2003 there again today towards the end, magical scences in the old stand,
we havent had too many memorable moments in the last 4 or 5 years, i listened to the entire 2013 championship on he radio in israel, to this day i have never seen any of it , i would say tho that the feeling of joy i had when we beat clare in 2013 was the same as today, (albeit in a different setting), 2013 was a very private experience for me as nobody around me know what i was doing as i walked around with a headphones on listening to finabrr maccarthy and Tom Nott.
its unreal what a win in a hurling game can do to lift people , im on cloud 9 here right now, u forget about all your troubles for a short while on days like this
it might sound utterly weird here but as Luke O farrell put over the insurance point and all around me briefly lost it i actually thought of @fenwaypark and i hoped that he enjoyed it as much as i did , you can only be in that place for a split second, time just stops, all seemed right with the world for that second and whatever situations are holding us hostage there are occasions like that suck you in so much that they have the ability to lift you to places that you never thought you may see, if only for a short while mind you

anyway, our halfback line gave an exhibition, under their puckout we were immense
Lehane stood up also, we could be in for a long summer

Post of the Year 2017

Lost their s+c coach?




great hurling people from both counties in the old stand
Tipp people are absolutly sound
i would have loved to have went at it in the bars afterwards with them, you cant beat that…
@Mac said others will just never understand this occasion, ure damn right they wont




There is a mutual respect between Cork & Tipp GAA people regardless of the result.


Massive gut on Bubbles - I thought a few of the Limerick lads had transferred over at one stage.


Nobody would listen.

The sun always rises In the morning.

We knew.


Not that i rated him all that highly but Tipp might regret getting rid of Kieran Bergin from the panel


Strange bringing up that you thought Cork would win an All Ireland within three years after a first round game in May