Cork v Tipperary


Would’ve been an improvement at wing back or midfield today


He’d have been run ragged too today.


How long have you been on You put the boot in as soon as possible. Today is a huge win for cork. Huge.

For now I am vindicated.


Michael Breen must be the most prolific midfielder in the history of the Munster championship at this stage. What he has scored in his four appearances?


:smile: Fair play mate


He was playing centre forward today


Nine on his back for all starts


That was a massive point by Lehane just after the Tipp goal


The Tipp marking though :confounded:


No one inside the Cork 21 yard line for Niall O’Meara’s point. :weary:


What was the free count today? Did it break double figures?


Barely I’d say. Doubt there was a hurley broke.


Don’t forget to buy the echo tomorrow night @ChocolateMice, I’ve already warned the mother not to throw it out before I get down.


Great win for Cork but you would feel that the Waterford game will be a far better barometer. Hard to see Cork forwards being allowed as much space or their backs as much time on the ball. Will be a very different style of a game and would be a huge game for Cork to win but it will be a completely different proposition and very much a game which won’t be played on their terms


Any James Owen refereed game will have fuck all frees and rage from end to end. A wonderful facilitator of exciting hurling games.


Nothing wrong with the marking, it was the perfect puck out and a perfectly timed run from Lehane, it was a massive score.


Getting a bit ahead of yourself now i think


Any word on Barrett’s injury?


Mental breakdown


Puty he is an inconsistent prick in delivering tge rules when he does blow