Cork v Tipperary


:rollseyes: easy from the living room mate.


Tipp were destroyed by the puck outs


Some amount of steps taken by Harnedy before Kingston’s goal.


Were you playing today?


Agreed, one in particular to Ellis had me absolutely seething.
Desire and application seriously missing from the Tipp backs in complete contrast to last year


Ok who will win munster now @ChocolateMice @PhattPike @iron_mike @Fagan_ODowd




Waterford will beat Clare in the final




That was a bizarre yellow card for John O’Keeffe immediately after Cahalane had done the same thing at the other end of the field.


Ya, a clever gaa betting man told me one day “watch how they are in warm up and how they are reacting to puck outs, then you know where the heads at”. Served me well in in-game betting.

That said i would still have expected to sort that at h-t. Its worryibg for them they didn’t


you told me last october cork would beat tip:clap:


And Barrett got away with one



Not saying he didn’t, it’s not ideal to have two of your full back line on yellows in the first five minutes though.


One for the hall way.

There is a bit of Eoin Larkin in Shane i think. I expect him to develoo into that kinda player. He has balls and a brain.


I did Joe. It was a bizarre game. They put up a stat after twenty minutes on the telly. It was 0-10 to 0-10 and 4 wides to 5. There had been 29 scoring chances in 20 minutes. That’s more like basketball than hurling. Whatever it was it wasn’t what I would consider to be championship Hurling. There was one dunt in the game after 2 minutes and hardly a stroke pulled. It was like an exhibition game.


I was surprised none of the so called experts have raised this in their analysis but i suppose it’s first game of championship and everyone is giddy - But an aggressive them will swallow Cork up


Lots of head scratching this evening. I hadn’t seen Tipp in the flesh in over a year, but having attended the League Final the three things that struck me were (1) they lack a bit of pace, all over the field really (2) their midfield and half-forward line don’t get through enough donkey-work, and (3) I would have rated Barrett and Cahill but they were both roasted on that day.

Still and all, I tipped Tipp as I couldn’t see Cork bringing the defensive nous and the work-rate required in the middle of the field. Early doors there were all the signs that Cork’s laissez-faire attitude to defending was still in force, but quickly Spillane, Ellis, Coleman and Fitzgibbon stormed into the game and with a serious platform like that in defense delivering intelligent ball forward, Cork’s forwards will always do damage.

Tipp’s strength in depth, much vaunted when their B team snoozed past a disinterested Waterford earlier in the year, seems to have evaporated. If Barrett is out long term, it’s a massive loss as I reckon the Qualifiers will be a real minefield this year and will feature Kilkenny. I’d fancy Cork to get past Waterford and after that the year opens up for them.


Lehane got a few points today that reminded me of Ben at his very best, a lovely hurler to watch.