Cork v Tipperary


Couldn’t agree more. Hurling as a non-contact sport.


Think it will be a WD v Clare Munster Final myself. Cork are in for a shock with what WD will bring to that game. Lehane & Kingston will see plenty of timber.


Impossible to predict Joe. I think it’s advantage Clare right now, as if they meet Cork an exhibition game will suit them just as much if not more than Cork. But Limerick and Waterford are both unknown beasts at this moment in time.


He deserved yellow. Used his hand to make sure he tripped him when he was beaten all ends up. He was a bomb scare all day.


I wouldn’t take that as a given. Cork physically steamrollered Wd in Walsh Park in the league.


He hurls very like him. A bit faster but not as big. Classy hurler


League = Meh.


My point was that Cahalane didn’t see yellow.


O’Keeffe wasn’t good enough 6 years ago. Bizarre that he got picked again.


Mick Ryan whingeing again about lads playing club championship for two weekends when he scheduled training for the Saturday of one of those weekends. Fuck off Mick.


Shefflin moved over on him early in 2011 and it was like a featherweight in with Mike Tyson. I just assumed it was tribal Tipp stuff with Declan Ryan picking a club mate for the hell of it


You think Eoin was bigger or faster?

I would have thought Kingston is slower but “stronger” (unsure of height)


Tbf both Donagh Maher and Michael Cahill would’ve been picked there if they were fit. Mouse O Dwyer probably should’ve been there alright but easy to say in hindsight


Is the Tipp Championship not ridiculously convoluted and dragged out?


I was trying to think who he reminded me of during a league game in the spring and that’s it…he has the gait and striking motion of Larkin.


Larkin bigger I’d have thought. He’s about 6’2" I’d say.

Class act. His retirement finally finished off KK for a few years.




Unbelievable player. One of the smartest players i ever saw. How many interceptions did he make? Not a regular “play” in hurling. He had it all and was the absokutely perdect team player.


Cant blame him fighting his corner so


Be fucking worse if Mick Church had his way.
Don’t think it’s that drawn out, each team has 3 group games winner of group goes to quarter finals, runner up to preliminary qf. Divisional championships then.