Cork v Tipperary


Wouldn’t be a great singer though


Bubbles maybe carrying a bit of timber but the fella is an outstanding hurler.

He wasnt selfish enough today.

Brendan Maher had a nightmare.


He’s too hefty. He was put clean through at one stage in the second half and laid off a handpass to a lad in a worse position rather than make a run at goal, which he obviously didn’t fancy.

He does have lovely wrists


He’s a naturally gifted hurler…the extra stone that he has put on will negate that though as you’ve correctly alluded to.

I remember his senior debut in Limerick in 13… he came on as a sub and got 1-3 from play.

If he had started that day, arguably Tipp would’ve won.


Great stuff from Cork and they were thoroughly deserving of their win.

Very tactically inept from Tipperary though. An arrogance in their play that was utterly unjustified given that they made repeat-upon-repeat errors for the second big game in a row.

Tipp may well be final 2 or final 4, but will be found out if they persist with this style of play.

They still don’t like it up 'em.


What team does like it up them, pal?


Cork played most of second half with 2 players inside Tipp’s 65. Derek McGrath would be garrotted for less.




No they didn’t




I switched off at isreal. :books:


Cork built their very own Jerusalem today, mate.

They’re nearly finished another one down by the Lee as well.

Good going to build two of them at the same time.

You have to hand it to Frank.


Have Cork turned a corner? I’d be hesitant to say that they have. A loose game always suits them and Tipp didn’t bring any sort of work rate today. Bar Dan McCormack for a small bit in the second half, I don’t think they laid a hand on the Cork backs who were allowed pick whatever passes into the forwards that they wanted.

And when they had so much more pace than the Tipp backs, that was a disaster. Tipp miss Bonner an awful lot. Were cleaned out on their own puckout, how many did Ellis win? And Spillane, who Hegarty ran rings around, cleaned out John McGrath. McGrath didn’t seem to be up for fighting for 50-50 balls.

Not enough ball went into Callanan either, he scored with practically everything he touched but didn’t get enough ball. Missed a goal chance which he should have stuck.

Gleeson is a terrible shot stopper. Has never been great in that regard, but seems to have got worse and inspires no confidence at all now. Any competent keeper would have stopped Kingston’s chance.

As for Cork, it is an encouraging performance. I’ve never seen someone like Lehane play so well, and the younger fellas who we know are talented did well- Kingston, Meade, Fitzgibbon, Coleman. Stepped up and took responsibility.

But not every game is going to be as loose as that, Waterford will be a different test again. Does blow the Munster Championship open; if Cork can do that to Tipp, there’s no reason we can’t deliver a performance well above our league campaign either.


Fuck it, but that was great. I’m not even thinking of reading too much into it for the rest of the year (it was remarkably loose and Waterford will be a very different game to start with) but you’ve got to enjoy a game like that when it’s presented to you. Haven’t read anything on here yet, will have a look tomorrow. Lehane putting in a performance like that was just a joy to watch though - we’ve all seen that he has that potential for years, but to see him actually step up and take it on was great. I wonder if putting him on frees was a conscious effort to push him into more of a leadership role. Ellis superb at centre back too, and the three debutants up to the midfield line really showed really well (the two in the forwards weren’t bad either - more to come from both you’d think, Kingston obviously a huge talent anyway). Nash was very good too - I’d be quick enough to criticise him, so worth recognising.


Well done to Cork :clap:t3:

Kilkenny and Cork are the big two for a reason.


Ah lovely :pint:

Gleeson, ye’re specialist Goalkeeper, not only should have stopped the first goal which any decent club keeper would have saved but what the fuck was he doing for Cahalanes killer goal, never reacted to the danger, stayed rooted to his line instead of taking advantage of the 3 or 4 seconds he had to get out and close the angle/rush Cahalane… terrible goalkeeping for both goals.

It’s quite ironic that Tipp would have probably won the game if Effin Centre Back Nicky Quaid had been in goals for them. If I were you that would really stick in my craw


Lively game, serious accuracy, corks fitness never wilted and they were first to the ball most times, credit to whoever sorted that out. Stuck to their gameplan of playing it around paudie maher to good effect. were just way hungrier. Was a strange loose game though, some contrast to what will be an arm wrestle next sunday, I can hardly remember anyone being hit hard with a shoulder or body check. Takes the hoopla off galway too thank god. nothing in the qualifiers to worry tipp, 4/1 is monstrous, but they are flat for some reason


Ah this is tremendous altogether. Congratulations to the Cork lads here, no better way of announcing you’re back than beating Tipp :+1:


I was going to post about this. What was he doing for the first goal? Had ample time to get it, even allowing for the bounce.


He has the reflexes of a tortoise mate. He reacted to Kingston’s first attempt and never got back to set himself for the follow up. Ken Hogan, at 54, would have stopped it.