Cork v Tipperary


Our Minor keeper would have saved it, mate.

Gleeson is fodder at this stage.

As for CF Nicky. Time will tell his worth. We’ll all be watching closely.


Can someone stick up Ger Loughnane’s article from todays Irish Star when it is available. I am very much looking forward to it


What did you make of Ciaran Barrett last year Harry. He impressed me over minor campaign. Could he do a job as senior goalie in a year or 2?


Was MIC Keeper this year too and great prospect. Brian Hogan -son of Ken - is currently third choice but I’d expect him to be number 1 next year. Darragh Mooney is in the same mould as Gleeson. I’d say they had to order a rake of XXL shorts for the two of them this season.

Mick Ryan has five weeks to go off and see can he turn things around. Tipp have been here before - 2010, 2014 - but something seems more off now. Time will tell.

Hoping for a qualifiers odyssey that brings us to exotic places like Wexford Innovate Park.


I think Gleeson is average too and his condition a disgrace but anyone who ecer olayed in goal or indeed insude forward would know that one of the most off putting things is for the shot to not actually be hit that well. Its very hard to change lean/feet/direction when you have started one way, and Kingston did not get good contact.


We won’t see another game as loose as that all year.


Given that Ken Hogan was noted for letting in far worse goals than that in key championship matches, I highly doubt it.


Agreed. Liam Cahill devised a puck out strategy with him that worked to great effect last year. He is a very intelligent lad who will not lump it and can see what way the wind is blowing. This is half the battle when you are a goalkeeper. He is a mobile young fella as well. Gleeson was very poor yesterday and was perhaps not helped by a very static forward line.


The fact the shot was miss hit does generally make them harder to save.

But, he committed to the initial miss hit. Still though his body condition could not be a help trying to get his weight back off his knee which was placed on the ground. His awareness and reactions seem desperately slow for an IC keeper of his experience.
His game management of the puck outs was abysmal and whether people want to point the finger of blame at management is another argument. I firmly believe his head is melted from everything going on in his private life and he should not be near the panel.

I was told by someone behind the goal yesterday that their wasn’t a peep out of him, no organisation whatsoever.


The 2013 (2), 2014 and 2016 All-Ireland finals were every bit as loose.

Tipperary’s loose style of hurling beat Waterford by 20 points plus last year and the whole forum was falling over itself to ridicule Waterford’s “system”.


If Clare and Cork meet in the Munster Final it will be as loose as Tara Reid’s hoop.


A lot of talk that Mooney was set to start yesterday but he’s another tank that doesn’t seem too mobile. Be interesting to see who he goes with for qualifiers. When Gleeson first came on the scene, his puckouts were top class. I think you’re right about all the non-hurling stuff and an ever-expanding waistband impacting on his game


That’s strange as he’s normally very vocal in goal. I agree he shouldn’t be near the team with everything going on. Has there been any update on the case?


He wouldn’t risk leaving his line as he is so slow … unfortunate for him he didn’t have the same aversion to taking risks in his personal and professional life.


The case was dropped after someone on his behalf paid back the money he took


I believe the case is potentially back in the frame to go on again mid June.


You sure about that?

Case was adjourned twice, and I think but not sure it’s in the listings for September again. I don’t think the case is as simple as paying back the funds. Their are further implications to his actions.


That’s what I heard the last time I home. It was still very much not sorted. I also heard the funds weren’t paid back but the money paid was for something else


But should a hurler be punished for something in his personal life?

They are not professionals.

I’m not sure it would be of any great benefit to anyone to inflame the exposure.


The real question is should a crime not be prosecuted because the alleged is a hurler?