Cork v Tipperary


I presume as a civil mattER as opposed to criminal Geoff?


September is the legal vacation so wouldn’t be going on then. Trial collapsed first time earlier this year for undisclosed legal reasons. DPP usually goes again when that happens.


im not sure why people thought this was a surprise result yesterday
people tend to over complicate hurling with intensive analysis at times , this is usually done by the snowflake generation tho who have grown up on a diet of waterford and clare and sweepers. systems, tactics and all this rubbish, yesterday was a welcome break from this cancer
cork and tipp is above all that, it has no respect for the joedotballs snapchat generation and it takes on a life of its own
recent enough history tells us that this result yesterday was not a suprise, one can cite an even more recent example of 2010 when a similar ambush was executed in the park albeit in different circumstances, similar occurrences would have been Tipp in 87 and also cork and mark foley in 1990
those that also that know anything about the game also know that if cork were to beat tipp this year as @fenwaypark and me said it was to be in may, tipp are a different beast in croker in august as we found out as munster champion in 14. and that cork win in 2010 was put to bet pretty lively as tipp won an AI
Tipp are clearly an unreal bet at 4/1 to win the thing, their squad is by far and away the best there is,
the next day is a totally different game, itll be all tactics and runners and sweepers and god knows what else and who knows, waterford will probably stifle the fuck out of cork, go mad celebrating winning frees on their 45 and win by 5 points or so, and by 19 june we’ll all be back to normal wondering why we bothered at all
before last november’s MSCHC final , Pat Horgan when asked what the Glen’s tactics were just replied that they didn’t have any, they were just going out playing with 6 forwards and 6 backs and if they were good enough they’d win, they weren’t in the end…
Cork and Tipp just went and did that yesterday
i think on another thread i said that we’d win an open game with very little frees and physicality and score 30 points in the process. now i wasnt far wrong but i do know this was the only way we would win hence my naive optimism… i would not expect a similar result when we play them in the AISF in august, i fear when that event happens the game will be done and cork wont be celebrating


No its not. Irs a completely different question. If the courts want to be bent that is not the fault of the Tipp team or anyone else. And one entity not doing its job correctly (if true) does not make it ok for someone other to make judgements. Which is what leaving him off would do.


I think @carryharry is right here. The guy is under immense pressure and surely this affects his ability to play goals at this level. Of course he should be kept around the panel even just to support the guy but might have been kinder not to start him and keep the spotlight off.



I disagree. He was in worse trouble the last few years and was fine in goal. He’s just fairly old at this stage


You’re probably right now that I think of it. Although the media attention could have changed the dynamic.


No, I’m talking about the re-trial. Not aware of civil proceedings arising from it.


Who was in goal for the All Ireland winners last year?


The reason it’s a surprise is because Tipp have way better players than Cork.

And you don’t win All-Irelands without a gameplan. It doesn’t have to be a very complicated gameplan, but teams with nothing are very obvious and are not generally very good teams.


Only Clare do tat


News on the injury front is positive for Barrett. If he had done his cruciate it would have been catastrophic for Tipps chances this year.


What’s the story?


Medial ligament supposedly


Could still be August - depends how bad


They are looking at somewhere between 4-6 weeks. Anyway its a result. With ACL tears you are generally looking at 6-9 months and in reality its the following season when you get back to your previous level of play.


Yeah - 6-8 weeks before contact/full training -


All depends on what the grade is.


I would agree. Not guarantee he’ll recover properly to really push back into the team. Real pity as he’s the most aggressive defender we have bar Paudie Maher.