Cork v Tipperary

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Galway and now Cork have managed to successfully bypass Paudie Maher in consecutive matches. Once he is curtailed that seems to be half the battle in beating Tipp. Limerick managed it in 2013 and 2014 too.

Hard to remember many matches where he has lorded it but where Tipp were beaten.


criticising Gleeson for the goal is very harsh. He was set for a bullet can be very difficult to readjust for scruffy shot.




09 Final. He was outstanding.


The reaction to tipps loss is way out of kilter.

They were well in the game near the end. They underestinated Cork and had not prined themselves well enough for a battle. But they were missing good players. And i doubt their training was too focused on May.

Bonnar Maher is probably of similar importance to Tipp as Niall Mac was to Cork in 03-09 and similarly only really recognised when not there.

Its nothing like 2010. I’m sure the dislike of Tipp is coming out in some commentators but its a bit ott reading some papers.

Michael Moynihan got a good grasp on it in Examiner.


Throw up a link to the article please Kev.




Must give it a browse. I haven’t read any reports today as I never got a chance to pick up any of the papers.

I’m presuming every Journalist is asking what went wrong for Tipp as opposed to lauding the preparation, homework & mental work Kingston got through with his panel. He deserves serious plaudits.


If barrett wasnt off chances are that winning goal might have been prevented, anyones game til then. Plus callanan was a shadow of himself, he’ll be different in a month. Can’t fault corks attitude though. But gaa journos in the main are useless excitable cunts anyway (hi lads)


Plaudits for what? A team that was beaten 16 points a few weeks previous :joy:


Galway would do well to avoid going too much towards bulk, which probably is needed for dublin and Kilkenny, but not to beat the munster counties in croker. Mcinerney would be chasing shadows at 6 against a slick attack like cork showed yesterday.


I think the reviews Callanan got ref yesterday were harsh tbh. He looked sharp in the 1st half and took a nice score, but fluffed his goal chance. In general he was showing well.

Second half was totally different as he was for large swathes of time the only forward inside the Cork half backline with 2 defenders in close tow. His touch with hand to ball was average at times but to be expected after the thumb break.

Noel McGrath, John McGrath & Bubbles literally disappeared in the second half. Noel can be loose and wander around in most games & Bubbles goes quiet too. But John McGrath’s performance was most worrying as he was bullied off dropping ball too much. All during the League he was fielding his own ball and turning defenders but no sign of that yesterday. Only of Callanans brilliant vision he would be getting rightly pilloried for a really shit performance.


Are galway over rated tip lost yesterday


Galway are the real deal this year, Joe.

They have found an extremely shrewd fucker on the sideline who can lead them to the title. My fear is they showed all their hidden aces in the League Final and teams will prep for them easily.
In saying that, their physical size and speed of hurling matched to Joe Canning being liable to explode form wise at any time makes them a frightening prospect this year.
Injuries is the major fear for them, have they the backup quality wise to get over injuries to their marquee players?


John McGrath was terrible alright. Tipp kinda turned into galway at one stage when where things weren’t going right the only plan was lamp it into the marquee forward and hope for the best. I started watching rugby League in Sydney years ago. I watched brisbane beat i think Newcastle one week by about 40 points and saw they were playing each other the following week, so had a right cut off them to fund some socialising. Or so i thought. Newcastle came back to beat them by 30 or so as i watched crying into a pint of tooheys new. An auld ozzie was beside me and seemed to know his stuff, i asked him how the fuck could that happen? He said thats league mate, if your head isnt right, no way can you win. Same i think with other physical sports like NFL, and hurling. Tipps heads weren’t in the game yesterday for some reason. Still was only 4 points, no need to panic.


Could agree more. The head is the starting point.

People think tgese lads are machines. It like i think the job gavin has done with the Dubs is under rated. He has created an unbelievable hunger and desire and has brought in guys who will up the ante on regulars.


Fuck off Joe. If Clare knock us out of the championship, I will resign from this board.

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