Cork v Waterford 2017 hurling


It’s more fun this way pal. You’re not that dumb right?


barry Kelly is fucking cat it wasn’t the winning or losing of the game but he is so inconsistent
Shanahan was hauled down now penalty Cork got a lot of handy decisions. It wasnt the winning or losing of the game but it’s so frustrating


Christ that was grim. No plan, no heart and no fight. McGrath needs to have a serious look at how he is setting this team up. Even against 14 men we didn’t abandon the “system”. Hopefully we get Kilkenny next, time to shit or get off the pot now.


Half of that prediction has already been proven correct…


There’s only one part of the prediction that’s relevant in this context. In fact that post alone justifies rocko’s bookmark function.


Can waterford recover from today


Ah yea Joe


I fully expect them to Joe.


Disappointed I didn’t get this prediction right


Well done mate, I called it as well, not sure about our fellow countymen on here, good to know that we’re not in that miserable group who think their lads will lose every fucking match.


Chin up chest out we from cork sure kid


Keep the head down and be all generous to our Waterford brethren but we know who the accidents of birth have favoured around here.


It’s all happening down in Cork these days.


Phenomenal insight from me I thought. Everything about the day was set up exactly the same as 1999. A new Cork team coming in under the radar, a Waterford team burdened by expectation, but that had had a mediocre league, the heat and most especially the confident throng of Cork people. I had a sense of deja vu in the dog track.


Waterford’s scutter Hurling was never going to work on a day like today. Too exhausting to play like that in the heat for 70 minutes because it based onwork rate, 4 forwards chasing 6 back all day. Corks hurling was much more efficient and was delightful st times. They’ve become very strong contenders now.

We need to ditch this shite hurling. It’s day is done.


Agree. The best thing about hurling is that by and large playing very defensively doesn’t work


Why has Colin Dunford slipped so far down the pecking order. Himself O’Halleran and Dillon all seem to have gotten a raw deal from McGrath.

Waterford would actually have a decent orthodox forward line if they went out and used them correctly.

While I thought Waterford would win I think it is good for hurling for Cork to win. At the end of the day the speed of thought, speed of touch and speed of strike should always win through rather than the bottling up and slowing down/congestion of the game and in fairness it did today.

Think it will be a very interesting final. Both teams will attack with intent and look to go head on at each other.


I thought McGrath’s statement during the week ‘if we’re not good enough we’re not good enough’ was bizarre. I was wondering what coaching ideology he was following there, or had he lost the dressing room. Looks like the latter, waterford were the last question mark in the championship, going by today there is no way they can win it.

McGrath is having the same results as Eoin Kelly did when he quit work to captain them. For gaa lads all of a sudden not having the normality and structure of getting up for work on monday morning (ya know) is obviously hugely disruptive. They go essentially full time without any real preparation on how it will affect them, and no role models for it, unlike professional sports.


Good atmosphere down there @Fagan_ODowd I only heard it on the wireless


Serious scenes here in Cork city… The place is buzzing.