Cork v Waterford 2017 hurling


Great atmosphere. The old stand was a cauldron between the heat and the roaring. Plenty of rows breaking out in the stand


Were the Mount Sion and Ballygunner crowds going at it again?


Poor ol Barry Kelly got an awful doing today on the twitter




It all kicked off after the goal in front of me. Stewards were required to restore some calm. Can’t beat a bit of passion


I’ve been a supporter of Derek McGrath but he completely bemused me today. Him and Dan were normally up and down the line playing the game but today he just was sat on the bench stroking his chin the whole game.
He’s never out of the media, stupid comments, I used to think he was clever but now I’m not so sure.
He’s fucking around with Austin Gleeson, play him center forward and tell him to hurl and cut out the needless messing and strokes and concentrate on hurling. He has the ability to dominate games and he’s now acting the prick and being taken off in games.
Go conventional, trust your forwards, every man wins their own patch and then just fucking go for it. Hes not getting the best out of his players at all. A few Cork lads plucked from nowhere are staring.
It’s depressing after watching that today performance today.


Has he lost the dressing room?


Hard to keep it when the whole squad know hes out the gap once their season is over.




I haven’t heard anything, the lead in to today’s games was as low key as I’ve ever seen it. If there were issues I’m sure I would have heard.
Maybe the break wasn’t good for them, everything seemed off today. Mahony’s frees for example, usually so consistent


Good post.
McGrath got a free reign from the media up to now simply because he was willing to give them reems and reems of bullshit on a regular basis. They hyped him up. He was clearly attempting to destroy the game of hurling but they ignored it because he was essentially feeding them.
It went to his head. It’s a little fat head now. He gave ger Gilroy a one hour one on one exclusive to announce to the planet that he was giving up work to concentrate fully on destroying hurling. The media lapped it up.

Look at him now. An utter fucking simpleton.


True he’s had newstalk eating out of his hand, Gilroy considered him some sort of hurling savant who also embraced the media, thinking this was the first of a new wave of open gaa coaches in the era. Think again. He’s never progressed the team beyond just making sure they won’t concede 7 goals to tipp again.


Funny enough, before the game I noticed Diarmuid O Sullivan having the bantz with Kingston, rustling his hair and so on and down the other end Derek was a bag of nerves hopping from foot to foot, he couldn’t settle down.


A fucking English teacher is a perfect role model for that wordy fool Gilroy.


Hope you enjoyed the game, pal.


Has Austin Gleeson ever played full forward before? Wouldn’t mind seeing him there. It would stop him from hitting so many wides and from wandering aimlessly around the field as well


He was full forward for the first half of the Munster final last year if I recall correctly, when Waterford had a stiff breeze behind them.


HE needs to be center back/forward or midfield where he can influence the game imo. What is annoying me about him is the messing, stupid frees, grabbing fellas by the neck and guard after the ball is gone, getting involved when he doesn’t need to. It reminds me of the stupidity/petulance Epin Kelly used to have (another player that never fulfilled his potential) I think he needs good man management, something I was led to believe was one of McGraths biggest strengths.
After this year, I don’t know who we turn to, the successful minor/u21 management, I wouldn’t be convinced of either - senior is a totally different ball game.


There was a lot of pressure on McGrath, much to his own making.


I think his best position is definitely centre back but I think De Burca is top class, bad second half today aside so would leave him there