Cork v Waterford 2017 hurling


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Cork will walk the AI, no way anyone can live with that level of intensity.


Just a terrible day for Waterford. Very poor. Constipated hurling. They did well to stay in the game as long as they did. Never seen Moran as poor.

McGrath has done a good job overall but they’ve consistently been beaten in nearly all the big games under him. Really blew it the first day against Kilkenny last year when they were much the better side.

Still wouldn’t want to face them in the qualifiers though, they surely won’t be as bad again this year. You just won’t win the AI with just one or two forwards and everyone else 60 yards further out. They’ve a lot of good players though, a lot more than you’d think after that display.

Would be just like Cork to come from nowhere and win the AI. Wide open this year.

Needless to say the qualifiers are going to be a minefield now.


Semi problems?



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That’s the way of the handpass now, you rarely notice when one of your own does it though, I spotted a fair few from Waterford today.


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Clare wont beat Cork @carryharry @ChocolateMice


Tullamore? Around 8.30? I might be a bit late


Enjoy the back door


corks 1st touch was excellent today. didn’t expect that but Waterford were poor


Strangely enough I felt that was the one area they needed to work on after today, the movement is so good that if they got the touch right they’d be awesome,


No their control and striking was excellent


Congratulations and well done to Cork.
I give up on Waterford after that totally and utterly useless, McGrath perched on his stool the whole game didn’t even bother his hole unlike Kingston and Sullivan. Absolutely sickened after that.
That Barry Kelly is some prick and that deformed Sean Cleese running into him every 2mins trying to make a name for himself they gave Waterford nothing.


some of the short(ish) passés where a cork lad always got a touch first and got on the ball was excellent.


Absolutely, I felt the longer speedier deliveries weren’t dealt with quite so well but it’s a bit early to be looking for negatives, I love the way they play the game.


Always good to bump this


Waterford were haunted to finish with 15, if you look back later you might realise that Kelly was right more often than not


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Why did Cork win the AI today?