Cork v Waterford 2017 hurling


Waterford today were like an English class prepared to death for the Leaving Cert for a question on Patrick Kavanagh only to be left stunned on the day when Austin Clarke unexpectedly came up.


Well the knew the Cork game today from the Tipp game so no excuses that they shouldn’t have been prepared
If they weren’t going defensive they should have went traditional, today they had a bizarre tactic of 5 half forwards and they all seemed lost


But they prepare for paddy kavanagh every year.


Your vitriolic posts are a joy to behold.


BOI employee O’Keeffe had a good game in goals today. Hope he gets overlooked for the latte lap tmrw.


Jackie / John Mullanes column tomorrow will be right craic in the McGrath household.


I fucking hate him. He had RTÉ and Marty Morrissey filming him walking up and down the aisle on the Corporate Banking floor a couple of summers ago and he barely in the door on a graduate programme. I felt like decking the cunt but I was already on an official warning for abusing Shane Lowry on twitter at the time.


He’s a centre back. Full stop. Christ McGrath started him corner forward today. Fucked him around a bit then took him off.


And we missed six months of them due to your petulance.


I think lads are completely going over the top on Waterford. They were well in it in 1st half.

The 3 months lay off is a farce. That cannot be underestimated.

That said go man to man, play someone like Dunford near the other 2. Play De Burca midfield and tell him cover when needed, put Gleeson no.6

They have serious hurlers. Let them play.


Hard luck chin up bud


He thanked me for temporarily suspending his user privileges and has returned both renewed and refreshed. Win win.


They were very poor Kev, no method to their play at all.


Ah Waterford were clinging on in the first half. Corks fitness was top class. Who is their physio?


This is true. I really thought Cork would burn out coming into the last 15 but if anything they uped it


I’m not saying they weren’t.

I’m offering an explanation in part for that poor display.

3 months lads. 3 fucking months not playing other teams. Its a joke of a competition


Don’t know. Declan O’Sullivan is former physio now S&C.


Marty mentioned in commentary that he was both S&C coach and physio - think his name is O’Sullivan.


They were flying.


The lay off had a big impact IMO, all the training in the world is no match for competitive games.
Tactics and game plan was all wrong however.
Connors usually puts Horgan in his pocket, not today though