Cork v Waterford 2017 hurling


Waterford had their last round of club championship matches eight weeks ago. Surely a round or two in the interim would have broken up the monotony of training.


Flying. And more or less that same team has played every game since the McGrath cup (or whatever the fuxk it’s called) Kingston did little or no rotation


Jaysus that’s shocking


Waterford also gave the two fingers to the league. Not a good move either.


Senior hurling in cork a fortnight ago and intermediate is being played away. Was some games last weekend. Not sure how many players involved in those games really though


Mentioned it during the game but the Rock appears to have done a good job with cahalane on the art of full back play. Only saw highlights of today but from what I hears on radio and saw against tipp he is just after cutting his game back to the bare minimum i.e stay goal side, don’t let him get a comfortable catch, drag him down if needs be.

He’s a game fucker is Damien and had a tendency to wander when he played further out the field. Some days work if they have a full back made of him


It’s all about finding some balance with club fixtures.

Frank, for his faults, always gets the club matches played come hell or high water. They plough on irrespective of how Cork are going at intercounty level. Refused a request from Peadar Healy to defer a few club matches before the Munster football final in two weeks.

Playing club matches two or three weeks before an intercounty game is reasonable enough, assuming it’s not before an AI final.

Limerick, needles to say, have taken the piss this weekend. Full round of club football matches a week before a knock out championship match with Wexford. Thick.

Eight weeks with no club matches seems insanity. Training bound to get stale without a break.


Cc @Richie Mccarthy


Exactly. Hard to curb those tendencies. Need to focus non stop


Correct and right. It doesn’t matter a fuck if a full back never touches a ball during the game. Just make sure the full forward doesn’t either.


the cork backroom team has a few men that were hard bastards playing - The Rock, Pat Harnett, Meyler , might be robbing off on the players attitude wise


The best thing about the Tipp championship is that there’s so many games that need to be played that they can’t ever just shut it down for the whole summer


Good point. Those lads never felt inferior to anyone.

Most impressive score all day for me was corks first. Horgan came out and almost shouldered cadogan out the way and took ball off his stick and put it over his shoulder over the bar. Leadership and confidence. Rare enough we have seen it from him over the last while. Brilliant work from Kingston, and all credit to himself, to get him motoring bwcause he was dire during the league


This craic of parking the club championship is a woeful pile of bollocks


He got a kick in the hole for the Tipp match after been taken off the frees. It worked


He is not. He is just S&C


He is a different man.
Few reasons.

  • Sullys role has changed and is now a mentoring one. Much more suited to that than actual coaching.
  • Keegan has done a wonderous job with this bunch. The turn around in mentality is immense
  • Cahalane was left completely exposed the last few years. Any full back exposed like he was would suffer.
  • Ellis is playing all the time. He makes everyone around him better. Turning, slowly though, into a Seanie McMahon type. Probably needs even more confidence. Ellis improves DC more than anyone else.

Both corner backs for Cork made poor mistakes and mixed the good with the awful. So thats an area teams may exploit. Galway would anyway, KK and Tipp most likely too.

Lot of talk about new lads, but its the recalibration in a relatively short space of time of both his management team and players there a ling time is most impressive from Kingston. I believe myself and @TheUlteriorMotive questioned his ruthlessness or ability to make hard decisions, well we got our answer. The adjusting if the manageme t team with some of the egos involved is a crafty bit of work. Myler is a huge addition also.

Joyce is a different man this year.
Ellis is like getting a new player.
Horgan is way lighter, way faster and playing a more balanced game.
Lehane is on fucking fire. Keegan has had a huge influence here. Thats very very obvious.
Harnedy is fit and fresh.

So lads they had but weren’t right are all vastly improved. That was more apparent today.

Fitzgibbon a huge addition also.
Coleman is heading to an all Star and YPOTY, he has taken to it like a duck to water.
The other young lads will be a bit more inconsistant for a while.


I was meaning to ask about Fitzgibbon. What age is he? He’s been very impressive in a more understated way. Would Charleville have had much representation on Cork senior hurling teams before?


No but they are quite strong now. I think he is u21 still.


Back in the day they thought they were the big cheese.