Coty Grand Final 2017


No its very clear you do not understand a competition and voting.




I’m very much looking forward to artfoley s reply here


Caught fairly badly on the point of bringing a photographer to an interview that was going to be anonymous. Even more so when the said photographer was revealed to be noirins son.

Also caught on not putting ms D’s story to McCabe for comment when he knew it was McCabe she was talking about. Think he also drove ms d to meet some politicians.

The man is pure weapons grade cuntonium.




H’an Bob!

When are the poles open until @Fagan_ODowd ?


I’m afraid I can’t divulge that for fear of a outbreak Of voter fraud.


You run a tight ship, I like that.


Nothing like the COTY final to get people riled up. I think its a fair poll it has men, women (are women still or do they want to be called something else now?) and Al Porter. What more could you want. :grinning:



The Clergy will not be denied their say





I’m a Williams man even in a non vintage year for the cunt but I have to say that photo has me doubting myself…


Gone with Humphries but any of these would make a worthy winner.


No Denny O Brine in it. A shambles.A fucking shambles.


As much of a cunt as Denny O’Brine is, he is not in the same league as the cunts on the list. Compared to Noirin and Williams, O’Brien is an amateur cunt.


Denis O’Brien is a cunt but he has already taken the title, and is a perpetual cunt, he’ll surely rise again.

But 2017 is the year for Foster & O’Sullivan. And while Williams and Geldof are two more perpetual cunts, they’ll never have a better chance to actually win it… Like O’Brien in 15.


Thanks for the guidance on this matter Your Excellency.


Arlene Foster for me.

Geldof very close.

Humphries beyond a cunt.