Curious horsey phrases used by horsey people


@Treatystones calls Tom Doyle “slippery arse”. I’m not sure if this is something to do with horses or actual riding.


“Plot horses” is a new one for me but my great pal @Mac is using it lately.


I think it was Kid Chocolate who originally brought the phrase to the board many moons ago by using it incessantly in any race preview.


@Mac mentioning somebody who jocked himself off his own horse.




It appears Davy Russell talks to horses and gives instructions mid race

Elliott also had news of Mala Beach, who took a heavy fall around halfway in the Listed race won by Sir Des Champs, saying “He is grand and was giving Davy a great spin until his fall. He (Russell) was happy how he was going and travelling but it was a lack of communication (at the fence). Davy was going to let him pop it but the horse stepped into it.”


Davy got his paperwork sorted then? I was afraid he was using a dodgy greek/syrian passport


There’s a horse running in a race soon and he is described as “an emotional fellow”


"He’ll stay longer than the mother in law " :grin:


‘Flyer out of the gate’ ref- Superbowl


I loved this guys reason for cheating.

In his email, he explains that he knew what he was doing was wrong but that, ‘I needed the money desperately’



Not a phrase


I have a few phrases in mind for it.


Well suited to the ground.


How much money does that hungry quisling need that he’d actually agree to that photoshoot? Or is this something that would cause much merriment in the horsey community would you think?


I think the horse is looking fierce sharp.


Tony is #boxoffice


The horse, to be fair, does look the less ridiculous of the two.


Can everyone please stop quoting the pictures.