Curious horsey phrases used by horsey people


These pictures?


And this one too.


Good point - well made


Strange that they’d cover everything but his bollox


Not really surprising given that horsey folk are deviants.


I heard on the radio today some reporter mention that some mare ‘beat all the boys’ in a race between some horses in England.


I read a post recently about how some 'orse “wasn’t disgraced”.


Plenty fucking disgraced themselves today


It would be nice if a beaten horse wrote an apologetic open letter to its disgruntled supporters in a similar manner to how footballers write heartfelt open letters to the fans of clubs they’re leaving.

Beaten horses don’t appear to have any humility these days though.


Mad Moose had his own blog


What a day at Prestbury Park “for the Irish”.


'Merry ‘Cheltmas’

Ah here :smile:


did you back “the mare” @Bandage?


No, mate. I didn’t expect her to win at all, never mind win so cosily.


“Had no real bullets today”


“the raiding party” would you ever fuck off.!


“the penny finally dropped for this fella”. Sometimes uttered by a jockey or trainer of a well handicapped horse who has romped home resulting in his connections filling their boots.


‘He’s a fizzy horse’


I suppose if the penny didn’t drop for this fella, he’d be getting two barrels soon enough.


An 'orse that “didn’t find an awful lot when asked”.