Curious horsey phrases used by horsey people


A gentleman of an 'orse.


Some lovely horsey talk by @Mac in the space of a mere few lines on the Cheltenham thread:


Some smashing horsey talk from @TreatyStones earlier.

We got “a serious animal”, “should be progressive”, “a serious tool”, “connections” and a few others in a mere couple of posts.

That trip to Cheltenham has really paid off.


“I thought he rode her like he thought he had much more horse under him.”

@TreatyStones is taking the piss now.


Emma Spencer just said Cirrus Des Aigles became a very public horse in his latter years


“seems to have run a bit keen”.

“ran green enough”.

“nicely bred.”

@TreatyStones is doing this on purpose now.


@bandage, any insight into this ban inflicted upon horse racing person Barry Geraghty? It would appear he’s been fined for not allowing the horse to race in a race, but I’m open for correction on this one.


It was ridiculed by my e-pal @Matty_Hislop on the horsey thread yesterday. 30-day ban for Geraghty and 60-day ban for the horse. :laughing:


The insinuation is that there was cheating going on.

Surely this is worse than drug taking for performance enhancement? It’s easier to ensure a lower than get juiced up and win.

Horse racing is a curious pass time.


The horse is going to appeal the decision


Ah I see. I made a pledge to my good pal @mac many moons ago that I wouldn’t post on that thread I’ll be damned if I am going to break it.

Its quite a ridiculous situation. A colleague of mine here was fuming at Geraghty this morning, as if he tainted the entire sport by daring to cheat in this manner.


In what manner?


I believe the wording was “not allowing a horse to run on its merits”. What would that mean exactly?


Most likely if Barry and Tony had told the stewards that “the penny hasn’t yet dropped for this fella” they would have nodded understandingly and let them off.


For the misinformed, banning a horse is the only way to punish an owner other than a monetary fine. This would work quite well if the owner only had 1 horse and had to incur training fees while the horse is banned. However, when the horse is one of 300 odd owned by a multimillionaire it doesn’t have the same impact.


They hardly really needed that explained?


Has the horse released a statement yet?




I can’t understand lads gambling on Irish racing, its as bent as David Norris


Not a phrase but even I find this one a bit bizarre