Curious horsey phrases used by horsey people


Are they same two that met Donal Trump at shannon?


“produced late”.

I have no idea what this means, but treatystones just used it when talking about football so I imagine its something about drugging or beating horses.


“giddy-up” :carousel_horse:


“A fine stamp of a horse…”


“I think I’ll make Davy Fitz the Wexford hurling manager…”


@Bandage @myboyblue


@bandage, this one has me baffled.


Stay out of it then. This is about the future stars of the sport. Think joe canning aged 18


Is the horse good at sideline cuts?


The Laois minors were a talking horse


He drinks like a pisshead?


Not relevant but he should have won a couple of big minor races and be tipped as a future star. Being the younger brother of a famous family will help as will turning out for a prominent team.


That makes complete sense. This is very unsettling.


“Cooper is a good pilot to have on board”

FAO @Bandage


Who in Gods name said that? Cooper is like having a drunken russian pilot on board


A nice little stocking filler and essential guide for contributors to this thread


“There’d be less between them in the box” :grin:


Some rich pickings here lads. Overall a really creepy article


Determined, dominant and devilishly handsome

But something changed that summer. Don Cossack grew up. The boyish good looks were gone. He had filled out and become a man.


I wonder will Don have an unfortunate accident in the near future?