Curious horsey phrases used by horsey people




What’s does the term “talking horse” mean in relation to a race horse?

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A horse that we wouldn’t have laid eyes on but the world and its mother have heard he or she is an absolute machine.


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The Conor Clifford of the horse world


would it be similar to a “plot” horse @Bandage?


A horse who wouldn’t have the form in the book but could be anything


If hes a talking horse he’s no good as a plot horse.


Here’s a real life talking horse.


Rupert Bell was at willie mullin’s yesterday and came out with some absolute beauty’s this morning on talksport, on Douvan " he was really enjoying him in front of the camera, he was loving the attention and strutting in front of the camera, he knows he’s something special"


Ruby on Djakadam “he seems to be in a great frame of mind and is very well in himself”


It’s important for a horse to be enjoying life and not to have “fallen out of love with the game”.


"Galileo is known for his relaxed, professional behaviour and even temperament. Noel Stapleton, his long-time handler at Coolmore Stud, calls him a creature of habit. “He is a true gentleman,” said Stapleton, “and I think he knows how important he is”


Galileo has 3 people who work in 8 hour shifts who sit and watch him all day long to ensure nothing happens him, such is his value to Coolmore. He’s not at all relaxed and apparently difficult to ‘keep right’.

Can you imagine some lad telling you that his job is to sit and watch a sleeping horse on a TV screen between the hours of midnight and 8am?


Does it pay well?


Knowing how generous the Coolmore lads are when it comes to paying I’d say it pays half nothing.


Standing there watching him riding all day must be a bit weird


He might only cover 4-6 mares a day at the height of the season I think. To protect his longevity. (yes, exactly as it sounds)


I’d say you’d get a few Cork weirdos who’d pay for the privilege.