Customer Service Experiences - Good & Bad


the lido cafe?


@Funtime is another cunt who took up drinking* takeaway coffee in recent times.

*buying anyway.


Does yer man actually think getting takeaway coffee is bad?

What about takeaway tea?

Next thing he’ll be having cuts off lads getting Fraps.


Lads getting sandwiches from shops at lunchtime instead of making their own fucking sickens me. :angry:


You see a lot of people this time of year going to resteraunts and they having a grand oven at home


The store attendants in Woodies are the most useless shower of cunts I have ever come across.

“Sorry, do you know if these come green?”

“Ah, it’s whatever’s on the shelves, man?”

Well there’s a lot of fucking shelves in this cunt of a place you utterly useless lazy bastard


He probably didn’t understand the way you structured that sentence and was giving you the swerve. What “come green” even mean, you sick cunt.


Eating sandwiches is quite twee. Homemade or not.


My attack wasn’t personal @Bandage.

I despise those scarf wearing, coffee drinking cunts you see walking round the place. I associate them with rugby union.




Nowt wrong with a nice jauntily tied scarf.


Or cricket jumper.


Lets not talk crazy here now.


I wanted to get a cinema voucher for the girl looking after the chisler at creche. Her only hobby listed on her “I am” intro notice at creche was “like going to the cinema”. Website not great so rang the number, dealt with a friendly chap who informed me that I could purchase it online but that it would be quicker to go the cinema as it would take a few days to arrive in post. I went to the cinema and asked for a voucher. I was asked which one I’d like and being a bloke I didn’t care and wanted out as soon as possible. The polite lady at the counter handed me out the gift card and asked me was it ok. I nodded without looking. Only when I went to put in the Christmas card did I notice “Congratulations”. The girl will obviously think I didn’t buy it for her.

It had me thinking though, who would I buy a cinema gift voucher for as a congratulations gift? Someone who just had a child? They wouldn’t be going to the cinema anytime soon, maybe once but not multiple times. Promotion perhaps? They’ll be doing longer hours so no cinema there either. An engagement? Too busy organising a wedding. Someone who passed their Leaving Cert? Should be out getting sh!t faced.


It’d be very apt for the likes of @Smark if he got a cinema date.
i.e. Congratulations you’ve a cinema date, despite being a miserable cunt.


I’ve had 3 different parcels delivered by Nightline in the last few months and each time I’ve come home to find the parcel leaning against my front door. It happened again yesterday evening and it pissing rain out. Is this a recent development with couriers?


Couriers are absolute bastards mate. They have really started to take liberties in recent months. The most common trick I’ve come across recently is “oh I couldn’t get you on the phone, and wasn’t sure which house was yours so I’ve left the package at centra”

Another fucker recently rang and said he’d leave the parcel at the Creamery for me. The fcukin place shuts at 4:30 every day. I told him exactly where my house was and he just goes ah ya grand, I know where that is, I’ll just drop it into the centra so and you can collect it there.


It’s fucking outrageous carry on, mate. I live on a busy street. Nothing stopping somebody walking up my footpath and taking the parcel. Nightline are supposed to text you with a 2 hour window of when they will deliver (fuck all use anyway if you’re in work) the morning of the delivery. No text message yesterday but then got one this morning telling me to expect the fucking package they left outside my door yesterday evening. :rollseyes:


Did you file a complaint with them?


I just filed a complaint on TFK. I expect it to reach the proper channels.