Customer Service Experiences - Good & Bad


I was having a bad day and needed to vent and was driving so couldn’t use TFK. I felt bad for being such a cunt at the time but sure its done now and I can’t change it. I’m sure the poor lad had much worse to deal with today.


All Sky calls are based below in that deviant county…


I wish to log a very positive customer service experience - after three failed attempts at getting a box picked up and delivered from Ireland to Australia (fuck I hate freight companies) I found Titan Logistics in Shannon and the lovely and awesome Agnieszka, who couldn’t have been more helpful and arranged for a pick up at a specific time last week, the package arriving to me yesterday. This girl is a star in terms of customer service.
So for all your logistical needs




So negative mate, why?


Michaela mccollum is looking for work.


Would you not have just bought a box in Australia?


Flying from NZ to Bali via Sydney with Cuntas Airlines. Flight from NZ delayed, so pushed for time getting the connecting flight in Sydney. Cuntas rep checking our tickets asks when were we leaving Bali. Thinking he was up for chit chat I replied we were staying there for a month. Prick wanted proof we were leaving Bali before he’d let us on the flight. Told him it was none of his business and that if I wasn’t leaving Bali that it would be an Indonesian authority problem and not his. I also told him I had no proof that I was leaving as we were going to swim from Bali to Singapore. Mrs luckily defused another situation by giving me a dig in the ribs and showing him proof of flight out of Bali. Every flight I took in Australia I was “randomly” pulled in for explosives testing. I got my own back on the mick hating cunts by having a scuttery shite in Alf Stewart’s khazi up in Summer Bay.


You rebel you


A lady in a coffee shop made a double entendre when serving me earlier, guys.

She was struggling to get the lid on a take-away coffee and said:

“The old lids were too loose but these ones are way too tight…I guess it’s better to be too tight than too loose though!”

Then she erupted into laughter at her own comment.


I take it you stonewalled her, turned on your heels and exited in disgust…


Heal your spelling, pal.


Did you run home and pull the stomach out of yourself thinking of your wans tight gee.



He brought the lid with him. Still trying to figure out how to loosen it up a bit


He probably shot his load at the counter.


So you’re one of these cunts who gets takeaway coffee :rollseyes:


Yes, and other drinks on occasion too.


It’s a long way from takeaway coffees you were reared


I was reared in Wexford town and plenty of cafés were/are nearby, mate.