Customer Service Experiences - Good & Bad


Guys, I was privy to somebody having a customer service experience today.

I was in Junior’s on Bath Avenue, Dublin 4 at lunchtime. I was waiting for my sandwich (cc @thedancingbaby) having ordered it and paid at the cash register. Another gentleman came in, completed his order and went to the register to pay. I observed the following interaction:

Customer: "Just a chargrilled chicken sandwich to takeaway…"
Employee: "€6.95 please."
Customer: "Do you have any crisps or…[voice trailed off]"
Employee: "Merry Christmas too!"
Awkward Pause
Customer: "No, I asked if you had any crisps…"
Employee: "Oh my God, I thought you said “merry Christmas”. We don’t sell crisps."
Laughing all around

Absolutely incredible scenes.


Did you touch yourself at all during this episode?


I’m in the middle of some bizarre dealings with Vodafone. They sent me a text earlier in the month saying me bill was 192 euro. That’s about 3months bill but the company pays the bill every month. After an excruciating couple of calls they are alleging that I somehow went into my bank account and took back 3months of payments. Some to-ing and fro-ing with the bank ensued during which it was repeatedly alleged that I had done this. Boi have confirmed its impossible to do and that more importantly no money has been refunded to my account. Vodacunts are now demanding copies of bank statements.


BOI incorrect here if the account is paid by direct debit
It is possible to claim back direct debits within 8 weeks after payment. It is not widely advertised for obvious reasons.


That chicken sandwich is unreal, they’re a right shower of cunts behind the counter there though


7 euro for a sandwich?


I find the sandwich making chaps grand for the most part but the cash register folk can vary from being uninterested and completely ignoring queuing customers to being a bit abrupt with them.


Yeah, unreal value.


The country is fucked


I heard @Bandage has a lovely way about him when he is ordering at deli counter, you’d never know he was a successful businessman


It’s not a direct debit. It’s charged to my company card like a purchase as the amount can change.


The ability of the purchaser to laugh it off shows a humility thats quite uncommon amongst todays inter-county sandwich bar enthusiasts


That’s the definition of a direct debit

A standing order is for same amount monthly or whatever


Nightline owners are sound skins, limerick blood in the MD! Their planning team have underestimated the influence of brexit though


They have I’d say. A fella called here with a package this evening driving his own car!!! I’d say pulling fellas in from everywhere to get stuff put


Not a fucking chance that happened


True enough. Sorry for trying to deceive


Are you hanging all your stockings on the wall?


Juniors is a cunt of a place.


They have and more, I have acquaintances involved with both DPD & GLS here in Limerick and they are flat out for the past 4 weeks.