Customer Service Experiences - Good & Bad


Is this true for all banks @ciarancareyshurlingarmy? I had a modest sum lifted on 1 November and I am having grave difficulty in getting it back.

Ulsterbank and Aviva are the protagonists. I’ve a feeling none of them really give a fuck about it.


You have 8 weeks to get a direct debit payment which was taken from your account cancelled. Get it cancelled tomorrow by calling your bank and insist … if it was a dd.


It’s full of cunts from the clientele (@Bandage excepted) to the staff


Banks are soul selling bastards and their minions are even worse.

75% of them will be out off their retail banking job shortly at least.

The brains behind the operation arent half as smart as they give themselves credit for, tracker mortgages ffs…shower of apes is being kind.


Fuck it I didn’t realise they are sound. I take it all back. Don’t even slow down the next time they are delivering something to me just fuck it in the general direction of my house and hopefully I’ll fall over it someday.


I like you man, but woolie doesn’t like that type of clarity & conviction :grin::+1:




:clap: :clap:

Money back.


good to see the system does work


Got a 12.50 carvery on the house yesterday in Sinnotts.

I don’t even be in there that often.


Lovely Hibernian-English.

“I don’t even be”


383 € and rising. Vodacunts threatening to cut off my account.


Have you “gone to war” over the phone yet?

I recommend it, you’ll feel so alive after it.


I have indeed. I do enjoy a good rant. Sent off an angry email tonight.


You can’t beat sending a strongly worded email. It is nourishment for the soul.


Don’t forget to say the following words ’ I wish to make an official complaint '.
Keep a record of the time, date and the name or staff number of the call centre monkey that you are dealing with when you say these words.
They then know that comreg can act upon your complaint three days after an official complaint.
I had trouble with this crowd before and was instructed to say that sentence. After three days comreg can then officially take action on your behalf. Vodafone know this too and never want comreg involved and will do all they can to sort it before they intervene.


Very helpful advice


Just make sure you are 100% correct and have ts crossed and I s dotted. If the cunts can get you on anything they will.


Christ, once you’re proven right you could take them to the cleaners as they’re wrongfully accusing you of fraud.


I always like to open a strongly worded email with the following line:

Listen here you cunts