Customer Service Experiences - Good & Bad


That never happened.


What didn’t?


Who told me that?


I like the sound of this. How does one take them to the cleaners? Small claims court? I presume I’d need to engage a solicitor?


Tà Brimmer. I’ll ring them tomorrow, take a name and say this sentence before hanging up then wait my 72 hours.


Small claims won’t deal with your defamation of character suit no. You will need a junior counsel possibly a senior counsel and 100k retainer to kick it off. The first question they will ask you is

“so Juhniallo give us a list there of all the people in who’s eyes your character has been diminished as a result of Vodafone actions” ehhhhhhhh…my wife a load of lads on TFK and johnny Mary and pat down the local…so who told them about it…I did


I’d still threaten the fuckers with it though. Scandalous carry on. Can you not just get bank to give you a note saying it wasn’t recalled? Assume one sight of your bank statement will prove as much for them?


Wouldn’t have thought defamation more loss of earnings if they cut me off. I’d then hit mac up for some advice on a fraudulent claim for stress. I presume it might. I’m not mad about showing these cunts any details from my bank considering they’ve ‘lost’ my bank details in the recent past. Virgin media have a savage deal for phones at the moment.


They’ve accused you of something that you didn’t do and have brought a Erdington party into it. Once you’re proven to be in the clear tell them that you want compensation for these stressful allegation.

I was with someone before who had their card turned down for a payment in a furniture shop when they had the funds. They called and complained and hot €2k in compensation.


Slightly different though. No other party to this.

If a bank bounced a cheque on you in error you’d get a right ball of cash alright.


If Vodafone have alleged that you took money out of an account in official correspondence then you would definitely have a case. Even if they said it on a recorded conversation with customer services.

It’s not worth chasing through the courts but it is definitely worth asking for compensation once you’re vindicated. Don’t be afraid to take it to the top of their Customer Service Department though @Juhniallio and threaten to create a shit storm on Liveline and Social Media if you’re not happy.


As @croppy_boy says @Juhniallio just say Joe Duffy and Facebook and they’ll come crawling to you. If you’re really honest and tell them you’ve got corrupt politician contacts who know how to bypass planning regulations you might never have to pay them a bill ever again.


These mobile phone companies are the greatest cunts on earth when there is a problem.


Yes, much worse than those pesky paedophile rings and their likes.


How did this finish up buddy ?


Still not finished @Brimmer_Bradley. The cunts. I’ll fill you in when I get time


Had a very good interaction on the phone there with the NDLS the driving license crowd.


how often do you have to renew at your age, mate?


If kinex ever set foot in Ireland make sure you stick them like pigs. Some shower of tramps


Eir are chronic- can’t get through and when eventually nobody can give you straight answer. The online chat is some waste of time too. They keep sending me a text saying my mobile is overdue and they are cutting me off , despite going on a new contract in October which I pay by DD. Absolutely no clue what they are doing. 44 mins on hold today