Customer Service Experiences - Good & Bad

Following your father’s example. Didn’t he chase down some crowd over a telly or something?



Sat in the call centre reception until someone came out to him wasn’t it?


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Virgin media did me a good solid this evening. I was due to have them call on Monday morning for a broadband/tv set up. Got a call at 4pm this afternoon did I want it done today as they had a cancellation. No bothers - me man will be there in half an hour. He pops over and has a look at the house/set up and realises he’s gonna need the help of a buddy to lay a fibre cable and drill holes etc. But also checks every part of entry point to ensure minimal aesthetic disruption.

His buddy arrives in 10 mins and they get cracking. They then do a full walk through the house checking various rooms for broadband signals and what devices are used and recommend a booster device in back bedroom which he connects there and then and leaves me with another in case I’m using any devices/spotify out the back garden. Out the gap for 6pm and two lads tell me to enjoy match and gives me his personal mobile for any hiccups as he doesn’t live far away. A gent.

Broadband is tip top albeit 1GB now rather than previous 500mb but everything on point. He actually was an Actavo employee rather than a Virgin media one


I found them excellent. Ended up with an issue that wasnt their fault but they tried absolutely everyrhjng they could to fix it.

They dont share line with anyone unlike.all the others. Really do seem on top of their shit

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Would you be needing a VPN with them?


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Depends what you’re watching I suppose.

You know

Trump is watching you…