Customer Service Experiences - Good & Bad


Eircom wholesale own the lines, a supposedly separate company


Ya supposedly



The only issue I have with Eircom is that I have a line capable of delivering 2.9mbs. Eircom would only give me 1mb on this line. Vodafone all me to max it out and I have had no issues in past 2 years.


If they gave you all of their internet they’d have to take it from somewhere else.


I joined Sky several years back when I lived in an apartment in Dublin. Digital was all the go, so on the recommendation of a friend I moved from UPC and joined Sky. Both of us were due to get a €50 credit as part of the deal.

As part of my ‘negotiations’ with whoever it was on Sky’s sales team, I made it abundantly clear that Sky came highly recommended and I was expecting an impeccable service (as well as the €50 credit).

Within a few days I realised that I was missing some very important channels (e.g. MTV 2, etc.) that were promised as part of the package. I got in touch with tech support and they sent someone out to investigate (albeit 2 weeks after the call). “You should be good to go now, mate.”

Was I fuck. Another call to tech support, and another call-out. This time it was a senior technician. He said there was an issue with the shared installation on the roof and there was nothing he could do. I’d just have to live without the 20 or so channels that I was paying for. :crying_cat_face:

I called customer support to arrange a reduced fee for the reduced service, and that didn’t end well. I was informed that I was locked into a contract, and the technical issue being experienced was due to the location / layout of the apartment complex and was beyond their control. That was the last straw…

I put pen to paper and sent a strongly-worded letter to Sky’s head office, informing them that as they had failed to uphold their end of the contract I deemed it to be null and void. I also pointed out that the direct debit was cancelled and the Sky box was there waiting for them to collect it. They sent bill after bill, which escalated to a debt collector. I returned each one for lawful causes. Eventually, they gave up. I move out of the apartment and left the box there for the new tenant. I wonder if they’re enjoying free tv thanks to my doggedness. I’d like to think they are.

Moral of the story: Sky are beyond useless and their ‘support’ system seemed to be designed to frustrate customers into submission. Persistence is the key.


Sky might be fairly useless but their customer service is streets ahead of UPC/Virgin’s which has always been abysmal.

I had an issue with my Sky Broadband over Christmas. Logged a call on Christmas Eve. They had Eircom out to me on the 27th December.

They’re obviously all reselling the same product so there aren’t any technical deficiencies for Sky. They did over-promise on the fibre when they first launched though but presumed they’d watered that down. It’s a nightmare getting anyone other than Eir as your first provider though. Just too much hassle for the others it seems sometimes to get you connected.


Yes agreed RE getting set up first time. I bought a house last year. When I rang a few weeks before I moved in to organise the broadband they warned me not to let the existing owner cancel his broadband. Too late. He had. So even though he had sky broadband before me. Because he cancelled I had to get a new phone line activated which took ages.

Such a shit system

I had UPC for close to a decade without one issue. I am well aware I am in a minority!


How long would it take to get an Eircom connection into a house (phone and internet) . There is a line already but it’s not connected.


No idea mate


8 weeks is the SLA I think. Mine took marginally less tim than that




In Lifestyle sports this evening on the childers rd for a pair of runners…your one behind the till was 19/20 years of age proper hot bird tho…fitted into the casual gear v well and was very pleasant.

The skinny fella getting me the runners out the back took away 2 pts tho.

All in all, good shopping experience…no more then 6 mins of my evening wasted.


That would never happen on the mainland, such a mickey mouse operation, and Dublin supposed to be a capital city :joy: the half drunk installers probably wired the whole lot up wrong before heading back to the pub


My last internet “service” provider (Imagine) sent out two installers - a right pair of beauts they were. Mrs. Moth reckoned they were baked. Suffered with shite speeds for first few days and Mrs. Moth was on the phone to them. They said they’d send Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber out again. I had a quick look the evening after she called, just for the hell of it. The dozey shits had the ethernet cable connected into the wrong port, effectively trying to force the router to work in reverse.

You couldn’t make it up!


Dining from KCs in Douglas. Very slick operation


About fifteen years ago the auld fella observed a pattern relating to phone line interference at home. Every few months he’d observe an Eircom technician working on a junction box on a telephone pole near the house. Following this work the phone would be fucked good and proper necessitating a call to eircom to check the line. After another few days the same fella would be out again and ‘fix’ the problem. After the third such incident in 18 months the auld fella once again spotted the genius up the pole. He calmly walked to him and stated ‘if I ever see you up that pole again I’ll shoot you off it’. Your man starts bawling knowing the game is up and whining that ‘we need jobs too’. He hasn’t call around since and the line has been strangely consistent.


That’s the jehovas for you


Sales call received from Sky today offering me movies for 6 quid a month. No thanks says I but while I have you I’d like to cancel Sky Sports. Apparently he couldn’t do it as the customer service department is in Dublin and he’s in Cork (I know well he’s probably in a 3rd part Call Centre). I ask him if he’s aware that telephony systems can now span across countries and that transferring a call from Cork to Dublin is very easy. He tells me that they use different systems. I say that you both use telephones which is the same as far as I’m concerned. He then hangs up on me.


Fucking hell, mate even telesales people are hanging up on you now. Are you really that much of a cunt?


Whenever I see an 021 number followed by Cork/Coachford on the phone, I cancel it.