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[QUOTE=“Big Mick McCarthy, post: 1150205, member: 1137”]I bought a new suit for a wedding next month in Tony Connelly’s
Odd place for a wedding mate


[QUOTE=“thedancingbaby, post: 1150208, member: 48”]Odd place for a wedding mate[/QUOTE]



[QUOTE=“Big Mick McCarthy, post: 1150205, member: 1137”]I bought a new suit for a wedding next month in Tony Connelly’s last weekend.

In and out job done in 20 minutes or so. The auld boys upstairs have it down to a fine art[/QUOTE]
Please bump the Friday fashion thread and give us a detailed description tomorrow. I am in the market for one for this summer too.


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[QUOTE=“Big Mick McCarthy, post: 1150205, member: 1137”]I bought a new suit for a wedding next month in Tony Connelly’s last weekend.

In and out job done in 20 minutes or so. The auld boys upstairs have it down to a fine art[/QUOTE]
Did you call to torpeys on the way home to complete the outfit?


I was in the hifi shop there on Saturday buying a new turntable. It was pissing rain and I had the duffle coat on, which I’m not used to wearing. Anyway they have a similar turntable on display and its playing a Grace Jones record. While I’m waiting for the lad to ring up the bill I wander over to the display model to look down the back of it to see how the cables connect. Sure as shit I forget I’m wearing the knee length duffel coat and the cunt of a thing knocks off the tone arm and the shop is filled with the noise of a record being scratched.

I was mortified enough at this stage but the manager rushes out and roars you’ve just destroyed a 700 or 800 euro cartridge. Oh fuck, I think to myself, this is going to be a bit of a downer. Anyway he checks the whole thing over very ostentatiously and concludes that the thing is fine, which he mutters to himself, without a word to me. Not so much as a sorry that was a bit of an overreaction or anything. He fucking stormed of back from whence he came.

Only I’d been weeks waiting for the turntable and there was nowhere else to get one I would have told the other lad, who was oblivious to all this to stick it.


Why would be apologise to you? You nearly destroyed 700 quid worth of gear. Did you apologise for nearly breaking it?


For overreacting.


The hysterical wanker.


Owner of niche record shop in 2015, proven to be an odd sort of cunt. Well you could knock me down with a feather…


It’s not a record shop. Have you any idea what’s going on around here.





High Fidelity shop it is so.

You should really try being more careful though.


Old age is a cunt @Fagan_ODowd. I had a duffel coat up to about 3/5 years ago and I can’t find it now. On the subject of overcoats, I had a beautiful Crombie about 20 years ago, for funerals and canvassing. On Christmas Eve I’m traversing slowly through the village about 10pm only to see a mini-Boxty outside the Abbey Bar sucking an Afton, resplendent in
Boxty’s good fucking overcoat with the collar turned up. I threw him a hi-viz jacket and reclaimed the coat pronto…

He won’t make the same mistake again.


Some ba service iv been meaning to log for a while.

Sky. I called them one day about a TV package upgrade. Which I took as it was good value. Yer wan says to me “are you happy with your broadband”. I was and told her as much.

"I can see from our system fibre broadband now available to your house blah blah " grand il take it. I work from home so increased speed always welcome. And friends of mine have done the upgrade an works v well

Fortnight later an engineer comes out to upgrade line or connection. Says this should be up and running in a week. Grand job

Date comes that it kicks in anyway and my broadband disappears completely. Many calls ensue where they claim it’s a complete coincidence and an eircom line fault and nothing to do with upgrade. So they log call with eircom. It will be a week

Eircom lad comes out checks line. Nothing wrong with line. And make sure you tell them cnts that you can’t get fibre here. You are too far from connection. Really? Yeah really. About 1 km too far.

So I relay this msg to sky. No he is wrong. The computer says it’s fine so eircom need to provide it. We will log a call. So same engineer rocks out from eircom. "Did I not tell you that it wasn’t available out here…

I’m now three weeks without broadband and commuting 400 km a week to my office because can’t work from home and getting madder and madder

Eventually sky concede that it was their fault. Not eircom. A which point I go fucking bannanas with the misfortunate phone jockey who is just in wrong place at wrong time. Someone will ring you back sir within two days with a solution.

A week later after multiple calls by me I get a call from a supervisor with a solution. “They would credit my account with 20 euro which I could use to buy a dongle whilst my service was out”

A you can imagine this went down a treat. They claimed that as line had been upgraded for the fibre was not possible to just revert it back to ADSL line. And could take eircom up to 8 weeks to get new line activated.

I rang the engineer in eircom who I was now on BFF terms with and he said yeah. That’s correct. And moving providers won’t get it done any quicker so better off get Sky to resolve.

Ultimately I made contact through LinkedIn with a senior executive in Sky Ireland. Attached a copy of a lengthy email I had written for Conor Pope and asked him to intervene. Which to be fair he did. And I had my broadband back within 6 days.

All told I was 6 weeks and a bit without broadband in my house. First four weeks I commuted to office last two I used a spare office in my mates business. Discussions around reparations are ongoing. Destined for small claims court I would think. They offered me credits totalling about 100 quid so far…

Sky Broadband

Sky are fucking useless when it comes to broadband. Chances are that even if fibre had been available then you would have been out for another couple of weeks. They don’t call back and they take forever to admit that they’ve given you incorrect information, even thoigh they log this and record all of their calls.

I’d hold tough if I were you. Have you heard anything back from Conor Pope yet? You’d surely have a case to claim for the petrol money alone.

The golden rule of broadband is to see what the other people in your area have first, go with that and you’ll experience very few issues.


I’d a fair bit of research done. My next door neighbour is a day trader and he used Sky which gave me bit of comfort. Id had it for 7 months without any issue until this happened.

And tbf it was more an issue with their back office and technical team than anything else. I know people with the fibre locally and it works great.

As you said. They never managed my expectations at all and just abdicated responsibility completely which pissed me off the most.

Didn’t bother going to Pope after just threatened the Sky lad with it. They will buckle before it gets to SCC for sure. Won’t want that hassle at all. And I have log and notes of all the calls as well which I have sent them so they just want back of me. Id say some lad in there just doesn’t want to escalate to higher level for sign off of compensation


Good use of Linked-in, one to note


They are absolute cunts, I can feel your pain there. I had a similar situation with Virgin in England where I had this ongoing battle with them to sort broadband. You couldn’t even get through to the fuckers to speak to someone.

You say your next door neighbour had sky broadband and it worked fine for him? And did I misread or did you say you had sky broadband in yourself for seven months before any problems? I’m with Eircom for years as my broadband provider and they’ve been superb. I’ve never had to ring them.


It’s the one reason I’m very slow to leave eircom. At the end of the day they own nearly all the lines and all the equipment so regardless of who your provider is they are going to have to revert to eircom. This makes it very easy for them to pass the buck.


Ye both my neighbour and I have sky broadband with no issues. The issue only cropped up when they tried to upgrade me from ADSL to fibre (I’m saying the words but don’t really understand the technicalities) which delivers massively improved speeds

As to why I stayed with them. There are some bits and pieces you can’t get on TV packages if dont have sky broadband I think. Like the HD pack includes box sets only if you have sky BB