Dancing with the RTE Staff


3 grand a week .


Johhny lives in England and she lives in ireland. Hea a very trusting man.


Public send the rugby lads home early.


Valeria is unreal.


The foreign fillies doing the dancing are very very nice


The blond dancing with Rob is absolutely unbelievable


I see there’s a lovely nancy boy collection of dancey dancey dance fans posting here. pfft



The foreign fillies rte have imported in to take part in this show really know how to look after themselves. Fantastic fucking arses on them.


You love the imports :clap:


Tomas O Leary is OUT. As good an indicator as any as to where rugby lies in the publics affections.

One step above Norah Casey.


The first Cork cunt is gone


Or what the average rugby fan does with their Sunday evening.

No doubt the gaa crew will keep Marty jiving along more power to them


It really does show where rugby lies in the public affections at the moment. When it’s left open to the public and the Irish Times & Ryle Nugent can’t control the narrative you get the real answers.


How twee


How lame.


Even Rob the Racist is more popular.


Cark vote was split and the Cark people chose a racist cheat and Anna Geary.


Anna makes a fine Elsa.


Said rugby player captained the Cork minor hurlers to All Ireland glory in 2001. Must be all the concussions that led the soup taker to believe he had a chance of winning a popularity contest.


If quality is to be rewarded, Bernard O’Shea must win this series.