Dancing with the RTE Staff


@thedancingbaby we just got our first ten of the series


It was a wonderful Paso Doble and fully deserving of a 10


And the first full house!

Outrageous scenes


I missed that. Who got it mate ?


Anna Geary with her Charleston



I hate that fame hungry tramp


Serious chubby legs, for a so called athlete, on Ms Geary.


McGregors sister is a pure knacker.


I predict the beautiful Deirdre O’Kane will be undeservedly eliminated tonight in a dance off against RTR.


Just watching thiis here. Jesus that Anna Geary is transforming into a man. She must be on derek mcgraths weights programne. She is the size of an ox.


is she the lezzer?


You’re thinking of Rob the Racists missus.


Should be easy for Bernard in the dance off against Erin here.


I think so.


Supreme technical brilliance from Bernard.

This is a no brainer.


Bizarre decision from the judges. What on earth were they watching.


I thought geary looked horrendous. Stumpy fat legs, she looked ridiculous and she gets 30!


I have no reason to hate her but I detest those rose of tralee attention seeking types. And she is surely one of them.

She reminds me of Fay Devlin.




You’d have your head buried between them if you got half a chance a mhac