Dancing with the RTE Staff


Guilty pleasures tonight, guys!


Some pins on Rob Heffernan’s dance partner


Have RTR and Cillian O’Connor ever been spotted in the same room?


RTE grins like a moron, COC has never cracked a smile in his life


It’s like Clark Kent/Superman


A miserable looking, free kick-missing, elbow throwing corner forward by day, a happy go lucky, racist tweeting, elbow flailing dancer by night.


Since Bernard O’Shea was wrongly eliminated last week, I’m rooting for the wonderful Deirdre O’Kane.

But I fear she’ll be eliminated tonight in a dance off with Erin McGregor.

Marty Morrissey was signed up as the comic relief/novelty act in this series. He has provided the square root of fuck all in any department.

He must go.





I’m literally in tears* here.

That was beautiful.

*I have a very heavy cold.


Marty in the dance off :sweat:


The jig is up for Marty.

These Cork cunts must be voting in huge numbers to sustain two contestants.


Marty is an absolute gent he has taken this on the chin


One of life’s good guys.


You mean Cork Künt/Superman


A bad 2 weeks for chubby RTE employees

No harm having Marty back for the business end of the league.

A very humble man in defeat.


Deirdre O’Kane’s Late Late appearance could prove to be a trump card for her here.

With just six contestants left the Cork vote has to split soon.

And with the two Corkonians coming joint bottom of the leaderboard tonight, I think we could well see them go head to head in the dance off.


Stellar night’s work from the lovely Deirdre O’Kane.


Christ. The two Cork cunts are the first two through. Cork people take this sort of validation opportunity very seriously.

Deirdre, thankfully, is through.

Erin takes on Alannah in the big knock-out.


Difficult decision for the judges here.


Erin go Bragh.

Alas Alannah.