Dancing with the RTE Staff


Just watching this for the first time and yerman carter must be bating the back off that Karen gurrier given the amount of time his hand and face spent in her crotch during the dance


Looking bad for Deirdre tonight.

RTR was 25/1 to win this before tonight.

I can see him winning it, you know. Only Jake Carter can stop him.


Deirdre through.

RTR in the dance off



Rob and Erin in the dance off


RTR will be walking home. :clap:


The weirdo sickos have had their say, Anna got the nod


RTR dancing in a digital recreation of long defunct Dublin trendy late bar Zanzibar.


Erin with one vote


Erin with two votes, she’s through!


That’s Erin’s third successful dance off. The McGregor fighting spirit has shone through.

Former Glenavon player Ryan McShane is a tough cookie too.


He’ll surely get pulled for dodgy footwork at some stage.


Unusually for a walker, he’s just got a straight red card rather than a yellow card to warn him.


Some set of pins on Deirdre O’Kane. Fair fucks to her, 5 decades behind her and she still in the game.


This is a superb production and must see television.

Kudos to RTE for taking it on, even if it contributed to budget constraints which resulted in there being no cameras at the Galway v Dublin game today.


Superb American Smooth from Jake and Karen. I’m calling that a 10.


McGregor’s sister is wrecked


Jesus, she’s fair rough looking


None of the three contestants bar McGregor have been in a dance off so far.

Geary is almost certainly safe.

That will mean Carter or O’Kane face off against perennial dance offer McGregor to qualify for the final.

McGregor has put in a strong performance tonight and will fancy her chances of a fourth straight dance off victory.

Carter is bookies’ favourite to win the series at 6/5 but Geary at 9/5 is free money.


DOK will go tonight


I tend to agree.