Dancing with the RTE Staff


OMG. Deirdre through.


Oh my word


Deirdre has a huge fan base and is 50 on the day of the final. She was going nowhere


Jake Carter is now in the position of a team who thought they were too good to down having to beat a team who are perennial relegation survivors, and managed by Sam Allardyce, in order to stay up ahead of them.

Away from home. And they’re already 2-0 down at half-time.


It’s the end of the road


You’re a comic genius, or a madman. I can’t decide


Erin is a top dancer


No chance of Erin surviving this. They will want a male “celebrity” in the final.


Oh my.

Casting vote…


McGregor KOd.


You couldn’t script it. Great television


Deirdre will win the final


The tension even got to the voice over announcer who fluffed her lines as the credits rolled.


Deirdre O’Kane is going to win this. Gorgeous woman.


Picture please.




Bye bye Erin


Poor Anna Geary suffers from all sorts of confidence issues it seems. Poor girl.


Steeped in Cork GAA, knows that they’re shit but believes that they’re great.


Is the bauld Anna on this? How’s she looking? Heard she found a decent fitness coach in Cork and is looking very well these days?