Dancing with the RTE Staff


She is mate. Looks well and is one of the main stars of the show… A serious dancer.

I’m trying to give a professional opinion here and not getting bogged down in territorial bias or the girls mental health.


Last week saw tougher marking than normal. I expect easier marking tonight. Lots of 10s.

Deirdre O’Kane is 50 today.

What an advantage.


Im fully behind Deidre, she gets a 10 from me.


Judges scores don’t count tonight. Purely a popularity contest.

Jake Carter has no chance imo.

Surely Deirdre is more popular with the Irish public than Anna fucking Geary.

Deirdre to win


I think you are underestimating the size of the Irish country music following


Anna Geary could be a decent pro boxer with those arms.


Trivia: Anna Geary’s professional partner Kai Widdrington is the son of 1990s Southampton player Tommy Widdrington.

I thought the use of the hurling stick and “Rebel Rebel” for that dance was cringe inducing.


Informative rating


Saw Tomás O’Leary in Barry’s the other week, he was with his family watching the Ireland v Scotland; thought he’d be taller.


Anna Geary is using her Rose of Tralee experience to talk absolute shite


Deirdre and Jake are level at 58 after the first two dances.

They’ll give Geary 30 here to leave her on 58 too.

This is all choreographed.


Does any else think she looks absolutely ridiculous doing that dance?


One felt a constant fear looking at it that she was about to put a foot right through the dancefloor.


Dancing is a ridiculous activity


Anna is the opposite to whats known as a BOBFOC. The legs on her are a disgrace for a woman, she should be playing Rugby


What would you call that, mate?

FOBBOW? Face off Baywatch, body off Weight Watch?


What’ll she do to stay in the spotlight after this? Sex tape?


Yer man is always slapping her arse, I’d say she’s put out for him anyway.


“This means so much to the people of Cork.” :grin:


She slipped there while on floor. I hope it’s mentioned