Dancing with the RTE Staff


The judges really pushing for Geary


You’d want to have your head examined leaving your significant other take part in this. Gyrating and dry humping since start of January.


@Fr_Hernandez has just voted nine times for Deirdre.

We have this one in hand, folks.


Yer wan Alannah has some figure on her.


What’s Davy doing there?


BOBFOC personified


I’m calling this for Geary. Gaa and RTÉ ticks two essential boxes


The cunts don’t show a GAA match live from mid September to May


Pointless personal trivia: I only found out her name was Alannah Beirne and not Alannah McGurk a few minutes ago. I had been labouring all series under the impression that the latter was her name. Makes sense now I guess. You get confused between the Barry Egan set.


Geary was 1/2 with Boyles and O’Kane was 5/2 before the show.

They’re both now 6/5.



The title goes to Merseyside.

It did not slip.


I think I did :laughing:


That was impressive from Jake & Karen.


Karen grabbing the trophy :laughing:


Geary sounded crushed afterwards.

While I’d have liked the beautiful Deirdre O’Kane to win, she was the real winner of this series. Watching her dance to Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights a few weeks ago was the highlight of the entire run.

I’m happy enough with the trophy going to the Liverpool-West Dublin duo. Jake seems like a nice enough lad and Karen is a star in her own right.

The Granah will be rocking tonight.



The Traveller vote was decisive in getting Carter over the line


The latter is Miriam Carson’s daughter and dating some rugger player… I’ll miss Barry if inm goes tits up


She’s married to former Galway Gah player Fiachra Breathnach.


The result made the RTÉ news :laughing:


Huh, that was a 100% certainty, are you really surprised?